Grapes and wasps

gjcoreJuly 29, 2013

The grapevine is I believe 5 years old now. The first 2 years there weren't many grapes. 2 years ago there were lots of grapes but almost all disappeared. I figured it was probably birds. Last year I put a bird netting over it and at least got some bunches of grapes yet it seemed lots of them disappeared. Pretty sure birds didn't get to them.

I believe it is wasps that are eating them or at least stopping on by for a nice drink of fresh grape juice then the grapes just shrivel away. I noticed today that the grapes are just beginning to blush so it's time to do something.

I read about the paper bag method but not sure it would work for me as I use sprinklers for irrigation.

The only other thing I can think of is using a floating row cover. Might be difficult to wrap the whole thing up and keep it in place.

Any suggestions?

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Have you seen wasps on the grapes? I haven't heard of them actually working un-blemished grapes. I've seen them when those tiny birds peck a hole in a grape, but not attack a grape themselves.

If they just disappear completely, then I'd suspect raccoons.

/like what just happened to my peaches. :-(

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Probably not racoons. There aren't a whole lot of them around and they would probably leave tell tale signs.

I suppose I'll need to inspect closer. So far this year very few wasps have been around the metro area. But the last 2 years there were huge amounts of wasps around especially in my garden.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Once my grapes are fully ripe, the wasps are horrible!!! You can't even get near them in the heat of the day. We have to wait until dusk when they head back to their nests for the night to harvest them. They don't seem to be interested in them until ripe though.

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