Grrrrr - I threw out my seeds...

harmonypMarch 1, 2013

I KNEW this was going to happen. I've been pampering seeds in the fridge since December now. Was just getting to the point where I was bringing them out on occasion to "warm up" a little, in hopes of getting them to start waking up. I did a fridge cleaning last week. Standard - after grocery shopping after work, making it my normal 14 hr day of no breaks. Fridge looks awesome - even washed all the shelves. And that cruddy little round plastic thingy that held those precious little seeds is sitting in landfill somewhere.



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You have my sympathies. I've done it more than once myself. Oh,well. Next year is another day....

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"Oh,well. Next year is another day...." , or at least, it feels that way with each passing year! As Kermit the Frog said, "Time's sure fun when you're having flies!" Kim

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About 5 years ago I bought a little used refrigerator and chilled several large batches of tulip and hyacinth bulbs all winter. Took them out and put them in a box on the north side of the house behind a bush to keep them cool until I was ready to plant. Forgot all about them and when I went back, critters had eaten everything and just left droppings and papery husks in the box.

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Ahh... I can always count on you guys to make me feel better. Thanks!!! I'm having so much luck with the cuttings, heck - I'm goin for it. Will try a little manual cross-pollination this year, and get those seeds to open!! Was the intention anyways.

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seil zone 6b MI

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, harmony! Next year go to the dollar store and buy a container that's a bright color and mark it so it doesn't happen again. I keep mine in a grocery bag but then I don't clean my fridge that often, lol!

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