Rooting Noisette cuttings

melissa_thefarm(NItaly)March 4, 2007

I have a fair degree of success rooting roses, mostly old and shrub varieties, but do poorly with Noisettes as a class. I would have thought they wouldn't be that difficult. Usually I root semi-hardwood cuttings over the winter in a cold greenhouse and plant them out after a year; or I root softwood cuttings in pots over the summer or fall. I don't use rooting hormones, and while my methods are crude, they work a good deal of the time. Not for Noisettes, however. Any hints? Thanks.


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wild_rose_of_texas(z8b TX)

I don't know what the problem could be. I guess you have checked to make sure the cuttings are not too wet, or too dry, or too anything else. I haven't ever noticed the noisettes as being harder than other classes.

The only hint I can offer is to make sure they are plenty hot.... noisettes seem to really like the heat and humidity of the South.

I hope you'll have better luck with your next batch of cuttings!


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Thanks, Allison. Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention. I tend to take Noisette cuttings casually, when I break off a cane for example. I don't try to root climbers/ramblers much, being afraid of getting four or five lively plants of some enormous climber. Perhaps I should have a try next summer, keeping in mind your words about heat. For what it's worth, Teas and Chinas do fine when I root them over the winter.


P.S. How's your garden going?

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