the British are geniuses! (hilarious Bunny epic)

serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)May 4, 2010

Everyone, yes, I have had new rabbit attacks in spite of my secured wire mesh fencing (any perceivable gap was no more than 1/8"). New casualties are my Asiatic lilies (that they ended up spitting out after severing the stems), re-eaten Lincoln (lost leaves and a basal cane) and one Aromatherapy basal cane. Worst of all I finally lost Special Occasion forever because of the rabbit attacks. It is as dead as a doornail!

Well, to cheer me up, Ronymaxwell sent this absolutely hilarious link from the British cartoonist Andy Riley! It is brilliant! And goes to show the depth of my hatred for those Evil Ones, haha! For those of us rabbit-haters, ENJOY!

Bunny Suicides Epic

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This is how I feel about squirrels! I think they are the Evil Ones!!! One summer, I fought them long and hard...Until I informed, I was acting much like Bill Murray in Caddy Shack! That summer they ate my tulips (off the deck)-Just pulled them up and chewed on every bulb but finished none. They chewed thru 6 bird feeders, chewed the holes in our Carolina Bluebird houses and ate eggs and babies, chewed thru the ends of our roof and built nests in the attic and danced ALL night long! It was WAR around here--I finally moved my big dogs into our fenced area--they squirrels moved on...LOL

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I am a Major Bunny Hater....They eat roses..they eat my lilies...they eat my annuals...they make me crazy. So, that being said, I LOVE your posts! Half of my garden is incased in chicken wire and that is NOT a good look! Thanks again. Lesley

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