tomatoes in green house

colokid(5)July 27, 2011

I don't want to ask this on the national forums and show how dumb I am, but you people here are my friends and all ready know.

In the green houses for commercial growers, what do they use for soil and containers. Are they containers or like large bins. Individual or side by side? Maybe how deep? I suppose one could all ways plant them in the floor dirt like a hoop house.

Thanks, Kenny

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Idiot Steve, here.

Kenny, my experience was in a rose greenhouse. Those plants were grown in the floor. After nearly a century of growing in that ground, my understanding is that they began going hydroponic. Something about concrete and peat . . .

I think that smaller greenhouse growers could go the same way as container growers with their tomatoes. The size requirements should be about the same.

What is commonly done commercially, I don't know. Attached is greenhouse growers guide from Purdue on the subject.


Here is a link that might be useful: Greenhouse Tomato Handbook, 30 page pdf

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