can't believe I did that!

jclepine(8b)July 17, 2010

I was re-potting the tomatoes and wasn't really paying attention. Somehow, maybe magic, I wound up getting the Hartman's yellow gooseberry mixed up with the Livingston's gold ball. Why did I do that with two tomatoes that are a bit similar? Well, I think the gold ball is larger than the gooseberry so I'll figure it out when they fruit, but still!

It was good for a laugh though...


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I mixed up the Yellow Submarine and Ildi tomatoes last year, J.

This year, instead of plant stakes with the transplants, I used those tree tags. They are like some of those ties for plastic garbage bags.

Anyway, they went on bamboo stakes beside the plants. I've already found 2 that have broken loose in the wind and were elsewhere in the garden. I mean the plastic has broken!

With as much wind as we've had -- there may be some that have left the county . . .

Mapping, mapping. Jali maps, I should map. Will I lose the map?


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col_sprg_maters(Front Range 5)

My tags are still with the plants in containers, but the ink is so faded on some, I can only read the writing under a UV lamp.


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I use the tree tags on my cages. And on the sprawlers I use the large T markers. I also write down what row a plant is in, the number that plant is in the row. And make sure I mark direction like West to East. I enter that info on the computer and save. That way for my convenience in the garden I can tell what plant I'm looking at. But if Mother Nature or some animal removes a label I can still find out what plant it is and relabel it. Jay

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I'm glad I'm not the only one! Well, I did mark the location for the veggie bed but the maters get brought in for cold spells and hails so that could get messy. I had written the names in either black sharpie marker or the paint sharpie markers, depending on the container colours. But, those are fading fast so I was thinking of making, um, gee, I dunno, some kind of tag. I was planning on buying a letter stamp set and then a bunch of cheap silverware from the thrift shop to use as more permanent tags but I haven't bought either yet.

Well, I'd better figure something out because I am not going to buy a UV light, although, I might just giggle at that!


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