How deep to plant seedlings?

lucretia1March 12, 2009

I have some seedlings that are ready to go into bigger pots, and they're a little leggy. I'm wondering how deep to plant them. I know when I transplant my tomatoes, I bury them up to the leaves and they'll form new roots along the stems. Will these leggy little seedlings do the same thing, or should I plant them at the same depth they are now?

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When I plant my seedlings out, I usually plant them up the first leaves, just to get the root stem as deep as possible. ThatÂs more important with little seedlings than with larger seedlings with more developed root systems. I donÂt recall seeing any new roots forming on the stems of plants that were planted deeper.

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I agree somewhat with ptgrose but don't let your leaves sit on the dirt, maybe leave about 1/2 inch stem below the first leaves.

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Thanks! I'll pot them up this week and see how it goes.

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