Tennessee Cheese Peppers

jesky(8b)October 31, 2010

In the spring, I am hoping to grow Tennessee Cheese Peppers, and can find very little online about anyone with experience growing them. Has anyone grown this? Any good advice for this particular plant? I've never had much luck with growing bell peppers, but I've done well with several types of hot peppers (Tabasco, Serrano, Fluorescent Purple, and Bhut Jolokia). I saw on one site that this type of pepper does well in cooler weather. Is this true? If so, I plan on starting the seeds pretty early, since it gets really hot here in the summer. Any assistance is appreciated.

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If they are like other similar pepper I've grown-apple etc.,which I think are different strains of the same thing,they can be REALLY sweet or mildly hot/sweet if left to fully mature.
They are from yellow to orange to red,depending on variety when mature.
They do seem to prefere cooler temps for better production.
My similar varieties got southern exposure,against a white wall,between plants and did fine.
But in full sun I got less pods.
If seeds are started early you'll get a spring pod set and a fall one-on similar cheese peppers thats what happened.
Wouldn't set pods over 80/85 degrees or so.

I grow everything in pots(mostly #15,5-7gal.) so it could be soil temp. too causing the problem...
I have Tennesse Cheese seeds but had mite problems that killed the plants this year,but I think they are the same variety as the other apple shaped,thick skinned stuff I've already grown.
I start my seeds in mid Dec. here in S.California and get early to mid spring harvests and fall (heavier for some things)harvests.
I get blossom drop from mid July to mid Sept from heat.
But I am eating fresh pods in Dec.,still harvesting from a lot of stuff.

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Fantastic! This is something I'm hoping to grow for years to come. I love sweet/hot peppers, and I love paprika. I hope this pepper will cover a lot of bases. I'll start some seeds next month and plant more progressively, to ensure that I get a good turn out. I always say that where we live is more lethal in summer than most people view winter.

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