lighting for scorpions

chuckstoll(5)October 31, 2011

Any reason a full spectrum "daylight" 4' flourecent from home depot wouldn't work?

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Should work fine.
I like using a mix of color temps. from 5000K -6500K.
For my sprouts I use every color temp. mixed from 3500k to 6500k.
Get as many Lumens as you can in any color/colors you use.
I use 6 bulbs per 18in. X 48in. shelf.3 shop lights.

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I actually bought a couple of the 120w equivolant daylight bulbs you're talking about last week for use as normal house lights.

They have a downside of needing to warm up. As in you turn them on, and it'll take a minute or two to brighten up to full intensity.

Actually pretty handy in the bathroom, light isn't so blinding when you first flip it on.

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