When is the best time to apply fertilizer?

shelia__greenthumb(6)March 23, 2009


When is the best time to apply fertilizer to the

roses? My roses have leaves on them now.

Thanks for your advice.

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debbysunshine(san diego)

My experience with cuttings and I've had many successes is that when the leaves form they still have no real roots so it's best to not overwater and just leave them alone. I have two large cuttings now in the ground for over a year just going into their first bloom since planting and they've had no real fertilizer other than that which might have come from other plants. Let the plant tell you when it is thirsty. Those new leaves if mothered too much will drop off add usually that might be the end of the plant. I have three pencil sized cuttings in gallon pots, partial sun, haven't had to water them in three weeks when they were planted and I'm seeing the red growth now forming along the stems.
Last few years I've been taking much larger cuttings, quarter sized from older plants with huge accuracy. When I first started from cuttings in my heart couldn't throw out a single branch and I learned that isn't always the best but as roses get older they actually form a whole new plant on the top that you can cut off and plant and get tremendous success. It's a fun game playing a scientist so have fun. I've seen roses unkept in vacant houses for ovewr a year that look nasty but are still growing fine so don't worry !!!

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ogroser(z6b USA)

Debbie - Your post says that you have used quarter size cuttings. I have rarely seen a first year cane that size much less even a second year cane except on my largest climbers and a few HTs that put out a 5' or 6' cane. Are you saying that is what you have used? How did you propagate such a cane - one thicker than your thumb - or did I misinterpret your comment? Just interested. Thanks. Nick

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