Yea/yeah/yay for rain!

mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)July 7, 2012

However you spell it - yeah for all the rain we just had in Westminster in the last hour! The clouds really let loose with buckets of water :^) Surprisingly, the NWS shows only about 1/4" in the last 3 hours in the 80021 zip code area ( - sure seemed like it would be more the way it was coming down. But I'm not complaining - just grateful to have some real precipitation and cooler temps!!

How's everyone else doing with getting moisture today?


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I'm not going to dampen your enthusiasm, Marj. You folks need rain and it is sure good to know that some of it is falling!

Me? We finally found the HOT button! According to the little weather station nearest my big veggie garden, it was 97F out there this afternoon! If it reaches 99F tomorrow, as predicted, it will tie the record for the date.

This rainfall deficit is some parts of the country: I really understand that it is tough. The heat is oppressive, yes, I understand. And, the native plants, the crops grown, and the frequent absence of irrigation just don't lend themselves to such dry conditions.

Still, when the Weather Service says northern Ohio is in drought since they only received 2" of rainfall in June . . . I'm thinking that is quite a bit above normal for June rainfall, here. The WS is rightly determining "drought" in a relative sort of way. Crops and forests may be lost. So, let it rain!


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Yes, I agree, yay for the rain!

We had .11" on Thursday evening, and .07" this afternoon. Okay, so it's not even 2/10 of an inch, but it was enough for a mushroom to sprout in the lawn, LOL! My garden looks inches taller today, and so does the grass.

Even if it is only a temporary reprieve from the heat and the dryness, it is a welcome relief!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

About that "HOT Button," Digit, we remembered you were tired of the cold earlier in the season, so we're the ones that sent it your way! ;-) Say thank you! Or not!!!

Down here we were tying and breaking records all of June--and it wound up with June being the hottest June ever on record--and by a couple degrees, not just a fraction of a degree. It's been downright miserable down here for over a month now! My AC doesn't work! Nasty, nasty, nasty!

Starting yesterday this has been SUCH a nice reprieve! I'm in what I consider to be a "no rain" zone over here between I25 and I76, but this time I lucked out! Yesterday I wound up with a total of 8/10"--a half an inch of that in about 10 minutes! Boy, it was comin' down! It was really pouring for a little bit again today but I haven't been out to check the rain gauge yet--but from the window it looks like it's about another half an inch today! Miracles never cease!!!

Everything looks SO green, and is so "perky" again right now! I love it after a nice negatively charged rain storm when everything is so pretty!

But I WAY agree with you about "drought" being "relative," Digit! My niece is coming out for a vacation in a couple weeks and when I emailed her about the fires out here she emailed back and told me about the "drought in Illinois!" And I'm sittin' here thinking: DROUGHT in Illinois! Even if it never rains, the plants can survive off of the humidity in the air! Some folks don't understand what a drought is!!! The "official" designation of drought must be made by comparing the "normal" precip with the current amount of precip--and I suspect most folks out here would be absolutely delighted to be getting whatever the amount of rainfall it is that qualifies as a drought in Illinois!

There's still more precip on radar south of me tonite, but I'm back in that weird little Dry Zone where everything is now going either east or west of me, or dissipating right before it gets to me! Really frustrating when I watch that on radar! But, hey, I got a good inch already in the last two days, so I guess I'll quit b*i*t*c*h*i*n' about it--for right now at least!

Really hoping for some more tomorrow,

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treebarb Z5 Denver

There was 3/4 of an inch of water in the bird bath on Friday and this morning it's up to 3 inches! A nice 2 day soaking.

I was pulling a dead tree Saturday morning and that 3/4 of an inch had only penetrated the top 2 inches of soil. We were mighty dry! I've pulled a few weeds this morning and they are popping out pretty easily. Yea/yeah/yay for rain is right!

Being greedy here, I'm going to ask for a few days of nice gentle soaking. Pretty please?

Enjoy watching your plants recover!


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