Anderson rose pots

hemnancy(z8 PNW)March 14, 2009

When Justice Roses was having their going out of business sale, I bought over 100 roses in little "rose pots", 2 1/4" square, 3 1/4" tall, heavier green plastic than pots that I get with nursery plants. They are made by Anderson Die and Manufacturing in Portland, OR. They only sell them wholesale. Being heavier, they are reusable, I've had mine for 6 years and only ones that were left out in the sun have broken.

I'm wondering if anyone knows a source for the pots because they are an excellent size for starting rose cuttings and other seedlings and fit 36 to a 10" x 20" tray. Or if it's possible to arrange a group purchase and somehow split them up, though the logistics of that seems difficult. The minimum wholesale order is 2 boxes of 950 pots each for $63 each which comes out to about $.066 per pot.

Thanks, Nancy

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debbysunshine(san diego)

You might think I'm loony but use your own ideas but this worked for me. I bought a case of small waters for what I was doing cut them down to size needed put holes in the bottom using an ice pick held in a candle till hot. Perfect for seedling and you can see the roots growing before replanting.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

Debby- thanks for the idea. The thing about square pots is that they use up all the surface area of the flat instead of having all those little gaps around round pots. I soak them in bleach every year and transplant tomatoes into them. This year I got carried away with tomatoes and ran out of them.:-( There just isn't any substitute. I'm considering buying the whole wholesale 1900 pots. At least I wouldn't ever run out of them.:-) I had one idea just now to join the local garden club and try to get them interested in buying them with me.

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I suggest you call up Steuber Distributing in Snohomish WA, and ask them if they will sell you a case of pots. They are an Anderson dealer.

How many pots do you need, and how close to PDX are you?


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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

Paul- I'm only 20 miles from PDX, and a couple of nurseries may have an answer for me. If they don't work out I can call Steubing. At this point my biggest tomatoes are almost to hit the lights so it's not terribly early to put them outside in the daytime to harden off as I can get away with planting out April 1 under my tunnels and that's just a couple of weeks, then I can start freeing up some pots for other seedlings. I did succeed in getting almost all transplanting done now.

I would like to get more of the right pots though sometime, since mine won't last forever. A few left in the sun too long have split and are duct-taped.:-) I presently have capacity for 6 flats = 216 pots, and am using all 6 flats for the first time.

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