Who knew it would grow this fast?

AnneCecilia z5 MIMarch 14, 2006

This is for anyone who has started a rambler from a cutting. I had a little 6" cutting that I took last fall from an unknown rambling rose (3" trunk and over 15' tall) and it rooted in oasis over winter. Last month, this baby sent up a new cane next to the orginal cutting. And in the last 4 weeks, it has grown about a foot a week - that's right, it is now over 4' tall!! I have it staked in the pot already but it is definately too early to be thinking about moving it out of doors here - it is still wintry with lows in the teens. What does one do with a big rose like this...I mean, it's like caring for a baby giraffe, LOL. I thought of looping the cane around or spiraling it, but I'm not sure what is best. Anyone had experience propagating rampant growers and what do you do with them until it's time for them to move into their permanent home?



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elks(US5 Can6)

Keep repotting it. What else can you do? Here, a little SE of you in London, ON, you could plant it now, but you'll have to wait. It won't be long, before you can plant it I mean.

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