propagating cuttings

barb_roselover_inMarch 17, 2013

Will soon be able to prune my roses, and I would like to use the most successful method of trying to propagate. I have tried to find out about the burrito method, but all I get as a result of the search are comments and not the original method. Could someone enlighten me? I haven't had much luck in propagating. Thanks for any help Barb

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

IMHO, the most successful propagating is done in June. That's when you have healthy, vigorous shoots that want to grow and root. Anything you cut now runs the risk of being winter damaged, dead, impaired, etc.

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I am no way near pruning,because of the kind of weather we have had. I merely wanted to know what this burrito method was and how to do it. I tried a search but all I got was rhetoric about what they were doing but no information on the method and how it was done. Thanks for your comment. Barb

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Here Barb. If you start here at the beginning and follow the posts through to the current ones, you will have everything with photos to illustrate the ideas and methods. This should answer all of your questions. Thanks. Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Wrapping Cuttings

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