Loquat Propagation

gobluedog(5)March 7, 2013

Has anyone propagated Loquat? I got a Plant from FL, i live in MI. It's getting tall. Can i cut the end off for more branching and use some Rooting Hormone in a small pot with a plastic lunch sack on top to act as a little Greenhouse? Will this work

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They grow so fast from seed that I never had the need to propagate from cuttings. They grow like weeds. Seedlings pop up everywhere from birds that spreads them. Since, you live in MI, your tree may not have the chance for the fruit to ripen. Here in Houston, the flowers are pollened during Autumn and develop through Winter. The fruits ripen in Spring.

Here is a link that might be useful: This may answer your question.

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They germinate like the weeds they are here, too (Los Angeles). Give rooting it a try. It can't hurt anything and it may teach you something you didn't know, so you can teach the rest of us! They branch easily from pruning cuts so it seems exactly what the plant needs. Kim

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Same response: When I had them they had lots of seed-volunteer plants. Mmmm, loquats :)

But since you're in a cold zone now & it might not bloom & fruit, sure, I bet it will root easily from cuttings. Good luck.

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