Summer methods of starting cuttings.

miriah(z5MI)April 20, 2006

With the growing season upon us, I want to try and start cutting to make own root roses of a few roses that I have.

I read the 'Lazy method' of rooting and also the one using cocnut coir as a potting method. Is one better then the other? Should I try both and see which one works for me? I would appreciate any input and suggestions you may have.

Happy Rose Time of Year.


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elks(US5 Can6)

Are you using a greenhouse and misting, or growing outside? If the latter, you might find the link useful if you haven't already.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Cuttings Outside

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I have just recently switched to growing cuttings in coir.What a difference!I lost most of my cuttings(98%)when I had tried it in sand,perlite ,soil or a combination of these.Since I switched to coir with the help of one of this forum members,I have had 99% success.

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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

ok where can I find the coir?? Will a garden center have it? I am a newbie to rooting so I need all the help I can get!!

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

Yes, I need to know this too. Where can we get the coir, and what do you do to get 99% rooting rate? I tried the baggie method indoors a while ago and had 100% failure -- all 25. They took over my house for like 6-8 wks and they all died! Not one grew a root.

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mgleason56(Michigan 5b)

I have written this before, so if this is redundant, I apologize. After 4 years of experimentation, I am now getting about 95% success rooting roses. Here are the basics;
I bought a cheap shelf at Home Depot and placed in an area that got full sun in the morning, and then filtered sun in the afternoon. For $20 I purchased a misting kit from Mist & cool that I tied up to the shelves. I then got a water timer at HD (Melnor) for about $35. 2 minutes on, 10 off from 8:00am to 7:00pm. I then experimented using different mediums on the same roses to see which would be best to use. As said in here, coir was by far superior. I have roots in about 3 weeks. How do I know that? Because I found clear cutting pots online. You can actually see as soon as the cutting roots, which for me is great. They are about 2.5 wide by 4 deep. After the cutting has rooted sufficiently, I transplant to a 6 X 6 container, and place on the bottom of the shelf I have. There are no misters here, but they get planty of over-spray from above. After another two weeks, they are moved out to full sun, and voila! I have a new rose.
The best source in my area (Detroit) are the hydroponic stores.

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george_mander(5 to 6)

Try rooting my way.
I am getting 100 % rooted inside under lights. Summer or winter, as long as the temp. does not go above 75 F.

Own Root Cuttings Setup Gallery with detailed comments and info for each of the 30 images. Link below.
George Mander

Here is a link that might be useful: Own Root Cuttings Setup Gallery

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Coir is sold in most Pet Shops. It comes in compressed bricks or in round tubs depending on the brand. It used as Reptile bedding.

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i have had a very high success rate with potting soil and the cheap 48 inch florescent lights (cool white or daylight bulbs) from lowes (ballast was 16 bucks) while under 2 liter bottles

stick with the easy to find stuff, most of us really only need one or two cuttings from each rose to survive...what are you really going to do with all those plants?

and use the clear plastic solo cups from the grocery store, you cut holes in the bottom for drainage and you can see when the roots have grown enough to pot up

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