Septoria Leaf Spot

provogirlJuly 18, 2011

Last night I noticed that my tomatoes were developing some darkish spots with light centers and some branches were yellowing. After and inventory it appears that about 45 tomato plants are infected with some being worse than others. Carl Wilson at CSU has suggested that it appears to be septoria leaf spot which I have seen before and suspected it may be. I haven't been watering overhead (the Monsoons have done that for me) and I have mulched with grass clippings as best as I can. I fertilized about a week ago and sprayed with Palmolive/water solution about 2 weeks ago. I am thinking about uprooting the tomatoes that are infected the worst. I read somewhere that a copper solution may help. Any other proven suggestions for me?

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

Carl knows his stuff. Ask him what he uses. Might even be on his blog.


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Dan- I didn't find anything on Carl's blog regarding Septoria Leaf Spot. He recommended leaving the plants alone in addition to continued mulching and ground watering.

I will admit I pulled out 4 plants that looked pretty infected. The tomatoes haven't even come close to producing much of anything yet. Although they are starting to flower more so I hope they recover and I get some tomatoes.

This is exactly why I go overkill when it comes to planting...Between the hail, heat, wind, cold, locusts,and diseases I barely get enough to put up for the winter.

Looks like I may have a problem with my quinoa also....guess I will go look into that.


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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

He's pretty accessible on the weekends, not sure you can get him on the phone during the week, tho.

Personally, I'd clean all debris, prune off infected lvs, Neem. I find my family back east that uses grass clippings as mulch have more problems than those who use straw - I use straw mat and zero problems with fungus-type critters.


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It commonly shows up in my garden on, at least, a few plants. Sometimes worse but usually not all that debilitating to them.

Not only common in the garden, septoria is just about everywhere in everything. I would be surprised if you can eliminate its occurrence completely without frequent use of fungicides . . .

. . . or, just very good luck.


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