And looking like my winner is....

meteor04(5-Northglenn CO.)July 15, 2008

....For first ripe tomato, will go to this nice big fat Celebrity....

First time for me it wont be a cherry or Early Girl.

And your winners?

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Bloody Butcher, lusciously ripe - day before yesterday . . . 4 tomatoes, same plant

For a good number of years, Large Red Cherry was my only cherry. I don't know why, just a lack of imagination, I guess. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate LRC a lot. The lateness of this variety made me think that NO cherry was especially early. Actually, it must be one of the latest of the cherries.

Last year, I tried Ultimate Opener - which is supposed to be earlier than Early Girl. It wasn't. In fact, it came in with the 1st few Big Beefs. That variety continues to please me for a number of reasons.


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I'm still weeks away. Been eating a handful of Sungolds.

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jamie_mt(z4/5 MT)

Wow - and here I thought I was doing well with plenty of little green tomatoes...not anywhere near ripe yet though. Sigh.

I thought Early Girl was growing fast (I have two baby EG's, and more coming on), but the yellow pears are coming on strong, and might overtake her in the end. I guess we'll see!

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I've got my fingers crossed, but it sure looks like the stars are aligned for a good crop this year. Plants are a decent size, most are covered with lil' fellas, and we haven't had it get too hot. The mid-summer dreaded / horrible wilt got maybe 8 out of the 60, which is pretty good. Knock on wood.

For some reason, though, most of the plants are barely 3' high. Usually, by now, they're up to the top of the panels, around 5'. A few are, but most are still short little guys.

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meteor04(5-Northglenn CO.)

That's odd David, I've noticed the same thing. My plants aren't really all that tall, but covered in greenies. The plant that has that Celebrity in the pic is maybe 3' if it reached up.

Update:That celebs blush continues to deepen, and a second has started to blush. My Early Girls aren't even close yet. What an odd garden season it's been.

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