Sunflower Issues

garnergardenJuly 15, 2014

So..... this sunflower looks pretty unhappy to me. I had two, but one has completely died off and been removed. This one has begun a similar browning of the leaves as the one that died. Is this one on its way out too? What is wrong with it?

I'm not sure if this is fungal in nature or what, but it looks serious. It's opening a bloom, so it's not totally dead here. I went ahead and sprayed it with some neem oil today since I didn't know what else to really do. Not sure if that will even do anything since I'm not sure what the problem is.

I read something about a rust mold or something in my google quests, but am not sure if that is what I have here. The coloring certainly does look somewhat "rusty". The leaves are dry and sort of crisp. It's in a large container and I haven't been watering it much at all with this rain we've had.

The sunflowers did great until I transplanted them into the large container where they began going downhill a while later. Help!

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Is it the same thing that is happening to these Vincas? I guess I just don't mix well with flowers!!

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Maybe the same thing ...

You are only likely to get a single flower from that non-branching sunflower. All of them are magnets for both aphids and spider mites. I think you did the right thing with the neem oil.

Why don't you take a close look for bugs on both plants. You may want to go ahead and spray the vinca. Be ready to toss the sunflower, however. Just enjoy the bloom.


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bugdoctor(5 CO)

It doesn't appear to be mites or aphid damage to me. It looks more diseased than infested with insects. My guess is a virus of some sort, but I'm no expert on horticultural diseases.

I'd make sure to avoid splashing water from one plant to the adjacent plants and maybe exile the sickened few away from the others.

Maybe someone with more disease knowledge can help...good luck

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Could be a fungal disease. If it is, you may find it helpful to apply a fungicide that's formulated for sunflower rust.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brown spots on sunflower leaves

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