Saving transplanted rose!! help

slickwattz(z5 NY)April 25, 2009

my friend gave me 2 pink knockout roses which i transplanted into containers that get full sun last weekend. i used root stimulator (didnt prune) but the leaves wilted and tops of branches are wilting. The soil has been moist and it rained earlier this week, so there is no chance the soil is bad or dry.

since its sposed to be hot this weekend i pulled them out and soaked them in water with more root stimulator overnight. still wilted...

any suggestions on what to do next? i want to save them....

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

First, where are they coming from that they are fully leafed out? Were they out of the ground for a while?

Put them back in the pots. Put the pots in the shade, or even better, a cool basement for this heatwave. Put the pots in saucers of water. Ignore them for a few days.

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slickwattz(z5 NY)

yes, full leaves on the entire plant and starting to bud.

they were in the ground and transplanted later the same day.

i now have them sitting in a tub of water with root stimulator.

should i give a pruning to the base of the new growth.

also, my friend handed the plants over with no soil just the roots. it looks the most of the roots are intact.


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elks(US5 Can6)

The leaves are gone, but all is not lost. I'm unsure whether the root stimulator is of much use.

When transplanting a bare-root plant, it is necessary to cut back the top growth because the root structure cannot support it. Plant the rose and cover the canes so that they are protected. Water it well on planting, and on the other roses schedule thereafter. Presuming you have not stressed the plant too much already with too much fussing, it should leaf out again in a month.

Don't worry,


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