rooted cuttings

gloria2008(8)April 18, 2009

i have finally been able to root lots of rose cuttings... 30 to be exact ..i potted them in nov of last year and did about 3 or 4 in one pot .last week i separated them into 1 gal pots. i have them in the green house but i don't know when i can take them out to harden in the sun or how to go about it ,do i take them out in partial sun at first? i am sooo afraid they might die however they are all pencil size with lots of both roots and leaves on top..please help


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Hi Gloria,
What I would do is take them outside in the morning when it is cool, and put them in dappled sunlight for a few hours for the first few days then gradually put them in the sun for a few hours each day after that. Make sure they are well watered.
Good luck!

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Can you give me some advise on how you propagated them? I am totally new to this.

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