Question from a newbie re: my rose bush (Sharon's Delight)

green2gardening(Zone 7)April 22, 2006

I am in a new home and this rose bush is climbing a fence along my front drive. You can click the link for a picture.

I cut it back last year and the homeowner told me it wouldn't bloom again for 2-3 years. It is already as big as it was last fall, and blooming beautifully :)

My question is - and I know very little about gardening and nothing about roses - can I do something with the half dozen stalks I cut back?

Thanks in advance for any tips, links, etc.

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green2gardening(Zone 7)

I think I posted in the worng place. Regardless, I found the answer elsewhere (on this site).


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green2gardening(Zone 7)

WRONG place. I hate it when I do that. Even if no one else is looking!

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