lesmcMay 5, 2011

Can anyone tell me if chipmunks that tunnel in the garden cause root damage? I have tunnels all thru one part of my garden and it worries me! I have seen the chipmunks coming and going in and out of the holes. I threw some granules to repel rabbits into the hole, but have no idea if that will help. Anyone with info, please inform. Thanks......Lesley

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Short paragraph article on Chipmunks:

This mammalian wildlife species is adept at burrowing and creating tunnels several feet underground. This trait, combined with their natural diet of bulbs, berries, nuts and roots, makes chipmunks a potential threat to flowering plants. Also, chipmunk tunnels can uproot plants and make it hard for roots to gather water for their plants. According to the University of Vermont, gardeners are prohibited by law to rid their gardens of mammal pests as they would insect pests. Thus, a possible method of catching chipmunk pests is to set up traps and then release them into the wild.

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