My Habaneros are weird. Help!

markydOctober 15, 2010

I bought this as an established plant on eBay from Hirt's Gardens. I planted them way back in May, and they didn't start producing until about late August. Now, I'm brand new to gardening, but I always thought they turned from green to orange when maturing. These are turning from green to WHITE. Also, they are not wide like the habaneros I'm used to seeing...they're pretty narrow. I do understand there are white habaneros, but I don't have any idea what variety these are. How big should they get? When do I pick them? We have the first frost bearing down in probably the next month or less, so I really want to figure it out. Any ideas what I have here?

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Those are white bullet habaneros, there are a few different names,Very hot and delicious.You harvest them when creamy white like the one in your pic.

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Join the ever going list of people that got screwed by Hirt's Gardens. I purchased what was supposed to be Bhut Jolokias that turned out to be orange habs. Ironically, if you look on, they supposedly have a 94% positive rating. I emailed Amazon about why my negative comment (and others I know that also posted one) didn't appear. They told me my comments violated their policy for comments by mentioning a forum and other members. Something fishy...

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interesting. So these don't get any bigger? What can I make with these? This is my first pepper harvest, so I'm new to this...

Do all the other typical habanero recipes apply?

Also, how do I preserve these until I have enough to make a batch of something? cut them open, remove spine/seeds, and freeze them?

thanks for the responses thus far.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

They are certainly nice looking peppers, whatever they are.

Have you tasted them? Are they really hot?

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I have not tried them, because I didn't know if they were ripe. I agree, they're very pretty. I'll clip one of the white ones and try a tiny piece. I'll report back!

OK, clipped some. while they looked white outside, I can tell that when fully ripe they're REALLY white. I'll let the others sit longer before clipping, if it doesn't frost. You can see the REALLY white ones in this bunch. I'm going to try one of those. I don't know whether to just bite off a little piece, cook it or what...

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Ok, now that I'm done venting over Hirt's Gardens....them sure is some nice lookin' pods!

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why thank you! I'm very happy for this being my first time growing ANYTHING!
I have about 100 more on the plant just waiting to mature...

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ozzz(5b AZ)

Eh ......... just eat one whole ... its a ritual of mine. I like to see what the plant can do.

Do the plant justice, and just pop one down the hatch ;)


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spiced_ham(z5 OH)

I found that my little white Habs were as hot as the other chinensis peppers I grew, but the heat only lasted for half the time, which was kind of nice for fresh eating whole. They also ripen well off of the plant so when frost hits, bring in the green ones and let them sit around for a few days to turn white.

The are pretty solid so seeding them is difficult. I have a ziplock full frozen for chopping up on pizza, I dried the rest for unknown use later.

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Nice looking hab chili..I think its ok just the color. I think if you wait a little bit later it will eventually turn red..

Mine are the same as yours..My father called them albino chilli. He was in shocked later on seeing those albino chilli bloss to red.

Anyway you can use them..taste still the same ..right? Your chilli stalk are nice green in color.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing chilli recommendation, simple guide, organic gardening and gardening tips

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those chilis will not turn red

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white bullet habanero. They are full grown. I grow them every year. They will not turn red, white is the color when ripe. They are very hot but with a citrus taste. Use them as you would any habanero.

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Today's harvest...and MANY more still to go on this beast of a plant.

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Those look like they'd be great for pickling. or.. would make for a very different looking hot sauce! you could call it white lightning or something like that.

here's a link to a nytimes article I found a while back. you can either preserve them sliced up... or use the similar ratios(maybe some more vinegar), and blend them up (~5mins) to make a sauce, adding whatever spices you please: garlic, etc..

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