saving a climber??

queenbee_1(7)April 14, 2010

I need information/suggestions/ideas for digging, and transplanting a old climber..The rose is on our farm,It has clear butter yellow flowers, the buds are about 2" long, prefectly formed -almost looks like a HT but opens in to loose rose. I want to save it... I have been told it was a gift from my father in law to MIL, it is almost 65ys. old.. It has been nelgected, mowed, dug, eaten by farm animals and other abuse not mentioned! It has NEVER been sprayed for any pest or disease! It is growing in hard packed red clay. Has tons of small 'tuffs' of growth all over the area.. They grow and produce the same rose..Over the years, I have dug up a dozen or so cuttings. They grow beautiful in the pots but when I have transplanted them into my sandy soil, they die..

Now, we will be moving to the farm and I need help as to moving these roses to a better area w/ a fence all their own. HELP!! Tell me what/when/how to do this... and thank you...

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When you say 'tufts' I assume this means that the rose produces runners and a new plant a distance from the mother plant ... these are called suckers, and they're a great way to multiply the original plant.

If this were my rose, I would concentrate my efforts on potting up and moving the suckers to get some of them established where you want them to be. When some of them are growing strongly, and you're confident that they'll survive, you can turn your efforts to moving the mother bush. Truthfully, if there are suckers growing elsewhere on the property from your efforts, I would leave Mama exactly where it is. Even with the neglect you describe, she sounds like she's done fine in that spot.

Where are you, and do you have photos? All of us here LOVE photos, and I'm really curious to see your rose.


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