Darlow's Enigma

ladybug_la(9)April 29, 2010

I have not posted or participated in the Rose Forum for several years. Life took over. Now, I am trying to grow just a few roses that I can handle along with the needs of my 2 yr old and 2 dogs and a full-time job.

Does anyone have cuttings of Darlow's Enigma they could send me? I had one I grew from a 4" cutting which became a monster bush. I absolutely adored it and unfortunately lost it after Katrina.


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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I have Darlow's Enigma, and would be happy to send you cuttings. I just went out and looked at it. There are a couple issues.

I have never taken a cutting, so not sure how. Like do you want a whole cane? Tips with buds? Your first bush grew from a 4" cutting, so is that what you want?

I guess you are aware that Darlow's Enigma has more thorns than most, right? OUCH!

If I send them, how do I wrap them to keep them alive?

I guess I could spray the aphids off prior to shipping, or did you want some California aphids?

My Darlow's doesn't get the attention I give the others because it's not a cutting rose, so it just stays over in it's corner, minds it's own business and grows! Mine is a 2 year old plant that was about 6" tall when I bought it from some online nursery, and this year it's putting out some huge canes!

I could also send you cuttings of Blush Noisette. It's similar, and has pink roses, but not as thorny. I hope both of them will eventually climb up my palm trees.

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Is there anyone who could spare couple of cuttings of this cutie?

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