potting up a rose

charliebear65(47715)April 10, 2006

I have a cutting that seems to be well rooted in the ground but I am told I must move it to my patio proper or pull it up, Id rather try to put it in a pot. Can this be done. It is a hybrid tea.

What size pot do you recommend and what type of potting soil?

What do I do with it in the winter time?


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mashell(z3 MT)

Hi Charlie,

I am not a professonal by any means, but I will share my thoughts on the subject. I just use regular potting soil of good quality. Depending upon the size of the plants root system I would put it in a pot that is four to six inches larger than what the roots are so it has plenty of room. And put small gravel in the bottom of your pot for good drainage. I wouldn't fertilze it right after you transplant but I do use vitamin B liquid on everything I transplant. It help to reduce shock when transplanting and gives them a good start. Also keep it in a shaded spot for the first few days after potting up. As far as winter care, you could try to wrap the pot and all in a insulating material, like straw and then wrap the whole thing in burlap. I am in Montana and winters here are much more severe here and I have over wintered a couple by doing this, but you must insulate the bottom as well as the sides of the pot and the plant. Good luck!

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