7100 Traveling Daylilies...Jan. swap

mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)January 6, 2006

This round robin is an extention of a wonderful group of traders, the Traveling Daylilies, who when at all possible trade daylilies. We have the most awesome group of traders, proven, experienced, honest, giving, sharing and awesome loving people. The way into this group is to have traded and proven yourself honest. We are not snobs, we just want to protect each other and you from any game traders... should there be any. If you know any of us, email privately and they will be allowed to get you in on their recommendation. We'd love to have you!

We are currently doing a January swap called "Give to the animals".

Deadline for sign-ups is noon today. I will send out the details of the swap early this evening, along with your partners name.

Here is my list of players so far:




Cindy O






Mary B



C'mon everyone, give to the animals! It will be a very creative and fun swap.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Morning everyone!

I am so behind, it's not even funny. I am currently working on my quarterlies and year-end stuff for our business. I've never done year-end before, so it's a whole new challenge.
This marks the end of my first year as admin. for our company and I can't believe how much i've learned. Hopefully things will be a little bit easier this year. I just updated my Quickbooks basic program to Quickbooks Pro 2006. I haven't installed it yet, but I am hoping it runs just as smoothly. I don't need any more headaches. : )

I need to tell you all what a wonderful thing Jo did for me & DH. She wrote the most beautiful poem titled "Our Lilly". I will share it with you all if you'd like to read it.

Jo, you are such a good friend. You helped to dry some of our tears, and gave us something we will cherish forever.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but Lilly is back home with us, resting eternally. My African Grey and I decided that we will continue singing to her everyday, like always. I'm sure she's listening. : )

I know some of you asked how my visit to the farm went the other day. Unfortunately, not so good. I found out that the property has a conservancy easement on it, and a pretty strict one at that. We wouldn't be allowed to build any structures on it in the future, including a greenhouse, and that is a big problem. So we scratched that one off the list. Shame, it was sooooo beautiful!

I have an appt. to look at another place today at 3 o'clock. 34 acres, but this property has a conservancy easement as well. Totally different type, and not as strict. The property would have to remain "agricultural", and you are able to build certain things.

I wish I knew more about these "Clean & Green" properties. There is so much fine print.

I have some other exciting news, but i'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Marea, I love that picture! You are so talented. And your neighborhood looks like it's out of a dream. My DH will just cry when he sees that pic. That is exactly where he wants to live.

Susie, those babies are just so cute. You really do a wonderful job with them. It's not easy taking care of baby birdies! Thanks for the pictures.

Barb, I am hoping that you get some really good news.
Glad you had such a nice holiday with your family and the little one. I'll bet she looked so cute in that sled.
I got a kick out of your joke, hee hee.

Jaye and Ellen, I think I may have missed your birthday's. HAPPY, HAPPY, BELATED BIRTHDAY to both of you.

Maryanne, how's the new pup? He sure is cute.

Angie, so happy for you! That is a beautiful picture. You are a perfect couple. It's so nice that your friends got along with his friends. Maybe there will be another love connection???? : )

CindyO, did you get the new puppy yet? I wouldn't mind if you named it Dawn, lol. Keep us updated.

Anita, my thoughts are with you. Big hugs to you & Baby D.

Sharon, I loved your poopy puppy story. : )
Your pictures were nice to see as well. I was always fascinated with the whole "Why Cats Paint" story. I remember watching a very interesting and amusing program about it many years ago.

I need a new calendar and am trying to find my usual Marjolein Bastin one. My Hallmarks don't have it???????
In the meantime, i'm using the free, garden themed one I got from Ace hardware.

Can you believe I still have bulbs to plant. LOLOL How insane. (Don't laugh at me G!) It's been pretty mild, but I just couldn't find the time to dig a hole and throw them in. Snowing today, but supposed to be mid 40's all next week. I'll try to pot them up or plop them in the ground. Not sure what kinds of blooms i'll get, if any.

My Christmas decorations are all down, but not completely put away. I am trying to re-organize them.

I finally got to see my fish the other day. The pond has had a thick ice cover for many weeks now, and it was all finally melted. When I walked to the ponds edge, they all came swimming over, like puppies running for a pet. They all look good & fat. Soooooo many babies.

I guess it's time to get back on the HEALTHY LIVING wagon. I think I fell off there for a while. I tried to post this the other day, but it disappeared.


Start a journal.
It is a wonderful way to document your daily goings-on, your garden, feelings, health, family, pets, etc. In the future, you may use it as a reference to see what you need to change, or maybe what you want to stay the same. It will help you remember the *little things* that mean so much. It can also be a wonderful thing to pass on to future generations.


Drink your milk! : )
Calcium is a key nutrient for bone health at any age! After age 25-30, we no longer build bone mass, but continue to need calcium to maintain existing bone strength. There are many other ways to get your daily dose of calcium, including dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. They even have Calcium fortified O.J.

For the lactose intolerant, here are some non-dairy sources
of Calcium:

Calcium-fortified soymilk
1 cup
350 mg's Calcium
Calcium-fortified orange juice
1 cup
350 mg's Calcium
Oatmeal made with milk
1 cup
300 mg's Calcium
Sardines with bones (no salt)
3 oz.
325 mg's Calcium
Calcium-fortified dry cereal
1 oz.
200-300 mg's Calcium
Collards, cooked
1 cup
266 mg's Calcium
1 cup
291 mg's Calcium
Salmon with bones (no salt)
3 oz.
180 mg's Calcium
Blackstrap molasses
1 Tbsp.
172 mg's Calcium
Turnip greens, cooked
124 mg's Calcium
Ocean perch
3 oz.
116 mg's Calcium
Cowpeas, cooked
½ cup
106 mg's Calcium
Tofu with calcium
3 oz.
30-100 mg's Calcium
Kale, cooked
1 cup
90 mg's Calcium
1 oz.
72 mg's Calcium
Broccoli, cooked
1 cup
71 mg's Calcium
3 oz.
45 mg's Calcium
Other veggies and most fruit
1 cup
10-60 mg's Calcium

Calcium (mg)
0 to 6 months
7 to 12 months
1 to 3 years
4 to 8 years
9 to 18 years
19 to 50 years
Over 50 years

Well, I know I didn't get all my catching up done, but I need to get a move on. Lots to do today.

Don't forget to sign up for the swap before noon if you'd like to play.

I will be in touch this evening with more details.

Happy Friday everyone!
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hello again,

I sent everyone out a pet questionnaire this morning, so please let me know if you did not receive it.

If you are in the Jan. swap, please fill it out ASAP.

If you are skipping this month's swap, please fill it out at your convenience.

Remember to hit "reply all", so everyone gets a copy.

Thanks a bunch!

~Dawn (mambirrd)

I was asked by our dear Barb if she could make her decision to join this month's swap 'till after her doctor's appointment today. I won't be sending out any more info. about the swap until after I hear from her this evening. You still have time to join this afternoon.

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Well, hi, everyone!

I want to be in the Jan swap - love animals, most every kind. This will be great!

Today my spine surgeon thinks they'll try to stsbilize my spine surgically and pencilled me in for Apr 6. He still wants me to consult with another doctor before they and we make the final decision. I have a hunch they'll say go ahead, and we will. It'll mean 10-12 mos. in bed or up some a full body brace, so my gardening this year will definitely have to be smaller scale - but it's a good shot at a fix for me. Won't fix my disabilities, won't get me walking or anything close. But should let me sit up and get going again, and be medically stable. Which is good.

Let me rest up - it's a 4 hour round trip up to Cleveland - and I'll get a picture or 2 of Marie up for you and catch up on all the posts.


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Hi everyone! Its been awhile! I haven't forgotten all of you! I am probably in the corner for not posting in so long!I had some computer problems but all seems to be OK now. Then came the holidays. Then I was sick for a few days. It took awhile to catch up on all the reading!

Sherry B, I am glad you liked the Dec package! I got your email. Shortly after that my computer started acting up, so I am sorry I did not answer back!

Anita, thinking of you and hoping baby D is healing! Sympathies for you on the loss of your friend. You cannot blame yourself.

Barb, sorry to hear you must have surgery, and right before gardening season. Bummer. I do hope it will go well for you and give you some help.

Marea, Beautiful view you have! That daylily pic was "to die for" beautiful!

Dawn, I am so sorry about your little bird! It is so hard to say good bye to our pets. I have been there in that position with dogs.. Still makes me sad to think of them.
I do not plan on participating in the Jan. swap. My pets(turtle and fish) are not very interesting or fun to buy for! Someone else has a turtle...who was it now?
I hope you can find a farm or acreage to buy that you like!

Tanarae, glad you are staying. Sympathies on the loss of your friend, also.

Angie....What a cute couple you make!

I am sure I am forgetting someone. I read through the posts pretty fast.

We have one more family Christmas this weekend, so I will be gone a couple days.
DD moving to another place and needs help!

Maybe life will settle down after this!


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Okay everyone, here are the January GIVE TO THE ANIMALS SWAP details:

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

I will post the partner list in a few hours. And maybe let you in on the twist!

I need to thank Deni and Meghan, and wish I could hug them both. I was so surprised today to find a package at the post office. The post-lady is getting sick of seeing me cry in the parking lot, lol. Thank you both so much. The card is beautiful.
I'll show you all what precious little thing I received tomorrow. It put a huge smile on my face. I needed that!

If anyone has any questions about the swap, please let me know.

Time to let my birdie pick names!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Well, it wasn't easy, but my birdie finally got all the names picked. We had to do it twice, 'cause he flew off with a name and I couldn't find it, lol.

Here is the partner list for January:

Dawn sends to Carmen

Jo sends to Barb

Susie sends to CindyO

CindyO sends to Carol

Debbie sends to Rebecca

Marea sends to Jo

Carol sends to MaryB

Maryanne sends to Marea

Carmen sends to Debbie

MaryB sends to Susie

Rebecca sends to Maryanne

Jean sends to Dawn

Barb sends to Jean

Let the fun begin! Be sure, if you haven't already, to get your questionnaire sent out so your partner has some helpful information. Please mark all contents or send a list along with your box so your partner knows who gets what. And don't forget to post what you & your animal friends receive. Be detailed please. It is important.

Okay, the twist. Well, I really wanted our WHOLE gang to be able to play, so i've decided to include you all. Anyone NOT participating in the swap will be voting on the "HAPPIEST PET OR OUTDOOR CRITTER". After all boxes are received, you will send your votes to me. Whoever made that pet or critter so happy will win! I have already picked out something really cool for the winner.

This swap is all about the animals and how much they really mean to us. I hope you all have fun with this one.

Well, i'll be back in a bit with some exciting news...

Have fun and happy Saturday!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Backto catch up more in a bit....but here's the new one:)

after many names considerations and no areement with DH, we opted to keep the name Ellie as she came with it :).

Maryb - a pic of course! Jo...running soes are very necessary lol.


Cindy O

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oh dear...don't know why my garden web name changed. it won't go back.
Cindy O/namso

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

strange things are happening at gw lately...

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Ok Cindy, your new name is escapee? from where if I may ask?
Animal swap sounds like all kinds of fun. Tiyli wants to go shopping with me, problem is she only likes to buy things for herself.. hope my name is still the same. hugs carol

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Cindy, my mom had a car accident last night and the police had to leave because there was an escape.......that wasn't you was it? LOL It may have saved the day, he told her sorry he had to cite her but it would have to wait until tomorrow. She's of course hoping he forgets she exists. :)

Love the new puppy, expected it to be black for some reason. Hope she is still somewhat a pup when I get to see her.

Sharon, I will let you know how I do with the seeds, hoping to get them planted by tuesday. I am not usually this late getting my seeds in the dirt.

Barb, sounds like the surgery could be promising, I wish you all the luck with it. Sounds like a pretty rough surgery,but if it gets you on your feet and moving better than now it will be worth it. Sherri

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Dear..Dear...DEAR Susan, I am so happy that you are back with us. I have missed you more than I can say. I should have known that if anything would bring you back this trade would have. Please let me know how you are doing and if you need or want anything. In case you have forgotten, you ARE a remarkable woman:0)

Deni and Meghan...Sounds like the two of you have been spreading more happiness to your fellow sisters and brothers.

Marea....Just letting you know I read your posts and am always inspired by your kindness.

To all our members, family members and friends who are sick in body, mind, or heart, remember you have people who care about you here.

Rebecca (Canna)...I am happy to be your pets partner for January. Please e-mail me anything you remember that may please your furred, feathered, gilled or scaled family members, as well as the two wild animal's that live indoors with you and eat at the table with you and Doug:O)

Cindy O...When I saw the new member "escape" I thought we had someone who had posted on our site by mistake as has happened before, but when I saw the next post and realized it was you, I almost blew root beer through my nose.

Dawn...Your kindness and generosity are legendary.

Mama G....What can I say about our founding leader....Thank you sweetie...


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Morning everyone!
I hope the log-in problems end soon so you all can get back to posting.

Don't even ask why i'm up so early on a Sunday......it's just my insanity......Ebay.....collectable parakeet....gotta' have it.....DH just shaking head..

I have really great news and glad I can finally share it with you all...
I'm going to be an aunt!!!!
My youngest sister is 2 mos. pregnant. She just told mom & dad yesterday. It will be the first grandchild for them. I can hardly wait! Funniest part is the baby is due Aug. 25, and my other sisters' wedding is Sept. 2. Going to be a fun-filled year for sure. So many different joyous occasions and changes in our lives.
I think my parents were expecting ME to be the pregnant one, lol. Hopefully DH and I will be lucky enough to follow right along in my sis' and her fiancee's footsteps. I can't imagine anything better than "expecting" with my sister.

DH and I are so excited about our future neice or nephew, and can't wait! Yay!!

Cindy O, Ellie is just adorable. I'll bet she is FULL of energy. What great fun!

Debbie, you are too sweet. I am so glad you are back. I was really missing you.

Hi Cody!! How are your chicks? No, not your groupies....the birds. : )

Sherri, I guess your mom is okay? I sure hope so. The escape story was amusing and so coincedental, lol.

Susan, I KNEW you'd fill out the pet questionnaire. : )
I know you are always with us, no matter if you post or not.
I've been meaning to email you......will do soon.

MamaG, I got the cutest f***, and was going to post a picture, but instead will keep it to myself as a courtesy to you. I would like to stay out of the corner this year. : )
How is your DD doing?

Marea, you are so sweet. Debbie is right...you are an inspiration. Thank you.

Carol, tell Tiyli to do what I do....."one for you, one for me" LOL

escape....I mean CindyO, I got quite a chuckle when I saw that "escape" was you, then read Cody's post.
Are you back yet?

Joey, I think of you often and hope all is well.

Did anyone see March of the Penguins yet? I bought it for DH for Christmas. It is phenomenal! As you could imagine, I cried throughout the WHOLE thing.
Reminds me of my other favorite movie/documentary, "Winged Migration". That one is a must see as well. You don't have to be insane about birds like me to enjoy these excellent films. They may not be for small children, though. There are a few, slightly sad parts. I always leave the room for those, and DH lets me know when it's safe to come back in. : )


Get some fresh air!

This time of year we are all cooped up, and may go days or even weeks without walking through the gardens or taking a stroll down the street. Take a minute (or two) and enjoy the "bones" of the garden. Stretch your legs and breathe in the winter air. It will do you good, AND remind you that Spring is just around the corner.

On that note, I think i'll head out for a run. I love running on a chilly, winter morning while it's still dark. It's very peaceful.

As some of you may know, it's a big day today. Football playoffs started yesterday, and our game is today at 1.

BBL w/ some pics.....
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Oops! Correction......Kickoff is at 4:30pm.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Good Morning all,
WOW, Gasp, Faint & Fall down, I can get here now, I don't like the fact it will not let me log in unless I let my info go to a non secure site??? I hope this mess is fixed right soon.

Ton's of catching up to do, I think I have 110 post's to read. That should keep me busy for a bit.

Thank you all for the help & info of getting me back here.

Wow, you sure have your hand's full, Yes, I truly understand you not having time. Remember to make time for yourself & Dan... We miss you very much:)

Talk to you all soon, OK off to try & catch up. :)Anita

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Good morning everyone,

Anita!!!! - glad to see you here again! How did you fix it?? We sure missed you here! Hope you and little David are doing ok or at least better now. Did you get my email?

Susan - now you know we miss you girl! I think of you every time I look at my Axelrose Brugmansia. It's got a flush of blooms right now!

Got lots of cleaning to do right now. I've started spring cleaning early. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll finish before the summer!


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Afternoon all,

Carol...ssshhh...not telling where i escaped from, trying to keep Sherri's mom out of the limelight.

Sherri - rotfl. do hope mom is ok. not black dog- dawn might kick me out of this months swap for saying so, but really wanted a brown dog this time :). 10 years of black & white dogs and tan carpeting is enough..was going to take a carpet sample to the pound lol but thought they might kick me out too.....:).

Dawn - awesome rules for the swap. this should be fun. and many many grats on the new impending auntdom!!! what great news. sounds like you and your family are going to hav quite an exciting year!

Anita - so glad to see you can post again. hope others are back too!!!

Debbie...hehe on rootbeer. you are pretty special yourself :).

Gotta run....someone forgot to tell Ellie she was spayed. they say 10 days before she can run because of the stitches. Ellie wants to run every 10 minutes. Day 3/10 and counting....may we both make it.

Cindy O/name du jour

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

happy sunday everyone,

our weather is somewhat mild. guess i should have been outside doing some clean up or at least planting the 100's of bulbs that i have left to plant, but i didn't. another day spent not quite the way i intended it, but nonetheless, a good day thus far.

dawn, i have e-mailed you twice, but in the event it's not going through, etc., i'll post here. you assigned me marea and she's not playing this go-round. if marea has changed her mind, let me know. otherwise, i'll need another name. if there's no one left, i'll bow out of this one to keep it even.

jo, i don't feel comfortable voting on a "best box". i believe everyone involved in this swap did their best to send their best. my pal sent me things from her heart as i am sure everyone else did, so in all fairness - to keep my own heart right - i wouldn't feel comfortable voting, so i'll bow out of that portion of the game. is this always a requirement? to vote on the best? plmk.

my new pup is still a royal PIA, but he's also quite adorable. he was outside playing with a neighbor dog today and that one is about 4 times his size. makes me realize we could get a companion dog for lucky.

dawn, good luck on your farm quest. i have been itching to move for several years now and just can't quite get what i want, but it doesn't stop me from looking. i don't need a lot of house, i just want some land, some chickens, maybe one cow and a view that makes you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night and know that God touched everything.
no asking for much, huh?

be well all, enjoy the rest of your day,

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Mom is doing fine, she is pretty achy at the moment but able to work so think she will be ok. So far she still hasn't heard anything from the police so fingers are crossed.

Debbie, something I learned long ago is not to drink my coffee while reading something from Cindy. LOL

Utto, I forgot Gloria was hooked on fr***, I just redid my bathroom in them.. Was my xmas present from my mom.

Oh babies and weddings, hope they don't come on the same day.

Cindy, sounds like Ellie has a little happy adrenaline going on to get her through her surgery. I can tell from the pics she is going to give you a run for your money. :)

Susan, glad to hear from you and glad the animals have you.

Carol, wish I had known you had a ferret, would have sent something along for him when we traded. Think I will always have a couple of them running around here. Sherri

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Dawn, I have Mary B and I am not sure she is in the January swap. plmk and her pet list. tiyli is all excited about going shopping. thankyou carol

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Hi Anita, I'm so happy to see you back and hope that Baby David's little feet are healing quickly.

Angie, I'm missed you to my friend. Your new man is a cutie and ya'll look great together! I hope it works out for you.

Dawn, I guess you and DH better get busy if you're going to make a little cuz for your sis's baby to play with. If you aren't around as much, we'll know why! :-)

Escape, I love your new doggie, he's so precious! Even if he does chew up everything. Gotta get him some rawhide and pigs ears. I think the January swap would be a great place to get them.
Sherri, sorry your mom had a wreck but I'm glad she is ok.

Barb, what did you find out about if you have to have surgery or not? I hope not!

Annie, you should just about be ready to celebrate Christmas with your family. I pray it is a happy one and that you all enjoy the company of one another!


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luvmybulbs(Z6 IL)

Wow, it was about 75 today, a little windy but heck of a nice day. Today we celebrated my dad's b-day and my sons. They are the 5th and 6th. Last night we had 20 people and went to a place called City Museum for my sons kid party. It it the coolest place. It has indoor caves that is four stories high, you climb up and then slide down. It is just too cool to explain.

Dawn, congrats on being an aunt.

Anita, I think you and me couldn't get on at the same time, it was roughly a month. So I am lost in how things are going with you and baby David. But I hope things work out.

Who in our group was opening a nursery? I wanted to know how that was going!!!!!! I am so lost!

Got to clean some house, it is a wreck.


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Morning everyone!

Yay Steelers!

Thank you all for the "auntie congrats". My poor sis is SO sick. Besides her nausea, she has a bad cold/flu-ish type illness.

Carol, MaryB is in (check her post on Jan. 2, at 6:06). I will double check my file to see if I got her pet list yet, but I don't think so.

Maryanne, Marea had emailed and said she was going to play, but then changed her mind. I hadn't read that email before posting the partner list. My mistake.
Our dear Marea is so sweet and decided to go ahead and play, so she is definately in for January.
Your idea of the perfect farm is my idea too. : )
Hope we can both find it here in our lovely state of PA.

The place I looked at on Friday was horrible. It sat only a few yards from a major highway.

Nancy, LOL...........

Angie, Happy Birthday to your Dad and Son! Sounds like you had a great time celebrating.

Sherri, I have a f****** bathroom too. : )

CindyO, LOL..........the carpet sample is cracking me up.

Ellen, I'm ready to start my Spring cleaning too. I usually don't get started until December, lol, but with all the excitement of the coming year, I really think I should get it done on time.
I've already got 2 giant bags for Goodwill in my truck.

Anita, Hi! So glad you are back on. It's just not been the same without your morning posts. : )
I've been looking at baby stuff alot lately, and every time I see Pooh, I think of you & Baby David.

Well, lots of work in the office today, but I will be making time to finish decking the place out in Steeler stuff. The closer we get to the Superbowl, the more stuff I put up. I do this craziness every year.

I hope everything is straight with the swap now. If not, plmk.
And don't forget to fill out your questionnaires. Can you believe I forgot to do mine, lol. I will get it out this morning.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday. It's a balmy 58 here right now, woo hoo!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Good Morning All,
Okay, I am trying this one more time! I typed you all a long post yesterday and when I hit the preview button, my computer shut down and it was lost...Grrrrr.....

Carol/Dawn/anyone?, did you get my pet questionnaire. I sent it out either Saturday night or yesterday morning. Can't remmeber which, but you should have gotten it. Let me know, if not I'll send it again.

Dawn, I was wondering about your pet questionnaire! I have really enjoyed reading them all. Makes me realize I am in the minority here with only 2 dogs and 1 hamster. I am amazed at the numbers that some of you have!

Oh yes Dawn, congratulations on your upcoming aunthood. A new baby in the family is a very happy time. That would be very cool if we get news that you and DH are expecting too. How exciting for all of the TD honorary aunts and uncles. I'm with Nancy, get busy!

Anita, I'm so glad you're back! I would go nuts if I couldn't get on here!

Susan, I was so happy to see you reply to the pet questionnaire and your little note to us. You are so missed here. I hope that soon life will allow you the time to post now and then.

Joey, speaking of missing someone - WE MISS YOU TOO! Hope you're still reading and keeping up and that someday you will find your way back to us. Love to hear how you're doing.

Sherri, glad to hear your Mom is okay. Will be saying a little prayer for you today - it's your son's surgery day, right? Try not to worry too much - it will be over so quickly and he will feel so much better.

Cindy, Ellie looks so cute! My niece and her husband just got a new boxer puppy about 3 months ago. He is a great dog.

Angie, hoping that 75 degree day is headed our way today.
Glad that you are back too.

Okay, let's see if this one flies.

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Mary, thanks for thinking of me today. I am a nervous wreck. It's one of those things that is supposed to be so simple but I am scared. It helps that he isn't though. He is so excited to get to spend the night somewhere he doesn't care. If only we all had the spirit of children. Surgery is at 1:45 and they are keeping him overnight so I will update you sometime tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers. Sherri

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

Every day is Christmas,
When you have the kind of mind,
That stores up all the goodness
And the sweetness it can find.
When you dont need an occasion,
To spread a bit of cheery
But just keep on a-giving,
Of yourself throughout the year.

Every day is Christmas,
With a gaily wrapped surprise,
When youve learned to see the friendship,
In someone elses eyes.
When you try a little harder,
And complain a little less,
Holding fast to all the fervor
Of the faith that you possess.

Every day is Christmas,
When youve found that you can be
More concerned with words like "you"
And less with "I" and "me".
When its fun to do a favor,
And to lend a helping hand,
When being understood means less
That when you understand.

Every day is Christmas
With a beauty deeply cast,
When you find it doesnt matter,
If youre first or if youre last.
When you can face your conscience,
And be glad of what you are,
Then every day is Christmas
With a stable and a star.

written by Grace E. Easley

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Mary B, please send me your pet quetionaire. We are going on 21 straight days of rain, boy am I wet. My oldest female dog is in season so has to stay in house, away from male. will probably let her have one last litter around july. too early now tho.The garden catalogues are roling in, but I am out of room so no more orders for me. Anita take care of that baby. he is lucky to have you.earthly, nice poem, go ahead get another doggie, but you pick it out this time. Cody, why so quiet?can't wait till spring. hugs to all carol

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Morning everyone,
Carol, I will resend my questionnaire out to you. Let me know if you again do not get it. The only delivery failure notice I got on that one was to Canna. Nothing I send ever goes through to her and usually does not to Susie also.

WELL NOW, I just needed to get on this morning and tell you all about the most wonderful surprise I got from Ms. Deni and Ms. Meghan yesterday. I got a VERY early birthday card from them (birthday is not until March 22). Inside card was a note that they are giving me a subscription to 'Garden Design' magazine for my birthday and it is early because they wanted to make sure I didn't miss any issues this year. There is no way you girls could have known that I LOVE 'Garden Design' magazine but had to let my subscription lapse. My last issue was in December. I had decided for $$ reasons this year to let all of my gardening magazines go except for my 'Fine Gardening'. I have been really bothered about the Garden Design being gone. Hmmmmm, is there an angel looking over my shoulder? Thank you so much Deni and Meghan. I will think of you two every time I am enjoying my magazine in the coming year! You guys are the best!

Barb, meant to say yesterday how glad I am for you that you had some hopeful news from your surgeon. I'm sorry that the road to recovery will be such a long hard one for you, but I know you'll be keeping your mind on the end result.

Sherri, hope all went well and we hear from you today.

Hmmm, Marea/Canna/MaryS/Dianne/Shirley, did someone call us "Old Bears"?

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Good morning everyone,

Has anyone heard from Melissa in a while - where are you girl???

Dawn, you're lucky that you have some to choose from. Here in Jersey, most people think having my 25 acres is amazing. When we went to look for properties, there were only four with more than 10 acres in my county. Only two had as much as 25 acres and none had more. We bought one of those. There are bigger properties but few go up for sale and they are way way way out of my price range.

Sherry - how did surgery go?

Anita - did we lose you again????

Barb - good luck! I can't imagine going through the pain you must be going through.

Mary - I didn't get any questionaire either. Oh and I know what it's like to write a long post and lose it too. Somehow I never have the same ooomph the second tiem around.

Angie - I started an nursery last year. It's not retail though, I sell on-line. Tana is starting her own retail nursery and seems to have a really good plan in place. She opens in the spring. She also sells on-line and has her own web site. If you want to start your own, reading Tony Avent's book "So you want to start a nursery" is a good place to start. Tony Avent is the founder of Plants Delight nursery. If you haven't seen their catalog or checked out their web site - do so, it's one of the best for unusual stuff. Not too many daylilies though - but they have ones with variegated leaves this year.

Jaye - I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm sorry, I was to busy celebrating my own LOL. Too cool that we share the same one!

Did I tell you guys that I got a new cat - I think I told you about one - a long haired calico.... well now we have her brother - mittens - a long haired orange tabby. They are both the nicest cats! My existing cats are still getting used to them though. I never thought I'd end up with more than 2 - two was my limit. DH has a way of talking people into things. Alright, it helped that they were just so sweet too.

Did I tell you that I got a personal tour from one of the foremost experts on Cactii! His specialty is stapelia. We have a mutual friend and when he was going to throw out some plant trays, she hooked us up knowing that I could use them. I didn't expect to get a tour, he's a pretty busy man. He's been collecting for decades and has travelled all over the world collecting them. Touring his greenhouses is like going to a plant museum! He shared the entries he will be entering into the Philadelphis Flower Show. I've heard that he's won so many times (in his category?) that they've asked him not to enter so that others feel that they have a chance to win. I think now he just exhibits. When I told him i loved the plant he was entering, he gave me a rooted cutting of it from another pot - tooooo coool. The plant is crassula 'buddhist temple'. For my stapelia fans, if your plant was a barad cross - it's one of his!


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I wanted to try to post a couple pics of the greenhouse I just finished at the house in town. I haven't been able to get on here in days. Kept asking me to log in and then wouldn't take my password. From everyone else's emails I can see I was not the only one. Now to see if I can remember how to do this. Fingers crossed!

Okay then lets try again

I love my new greenhouse, it is soooo much nicer than my hoop house that I have at the country house. Tanarae

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The greenhouse pictured is at the location where I will have my nursery. Notice it is minus many plants. I still have to get the ground cover down and move in all the plants from the country. I will probly only keep a small inventory here due to the cost of water. I have a well in the country and 17 acres of space. The house is in a commercial/residential area and so thats why they let me put it in there. I bought the house about 8 years ago cause I thought it would be a good investment since I figured it would all go commercial there in the future. Still expecting that to happen. Anyway I hope to get it together this next month if life will allow me some time. LOL Tanarae

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Now look it has changed my user name. That is the one my nephew used to use on my laptop. Dont under stand this. Tanarae

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Morning everyone,

Just a quick check in to say hi. My mom has a drs. appt. at 1:00. she is not doing too well. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will give her some meds (she does not take any at this time except her nebulizer as needed)At 83 that is pretty awesome.

So glad to see you posting.

So awesome to hear from you and know that you are still with us. Wish that I could have gotten to know you better.
Stay well and know that you and Dan are in my thoughts and prayers.

The changing names (or "name Du jour" as Cindy put it) are too funny. I do hope they get this fixed ASAP and that you all can go back to your "real" names.
Heck we have trouble keeping track as it is, if all the names change we (at least me) are in trouble.

OK, I have to get mom ready to go.

Hugs to all,


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Hi everyone! I wanted to give a huge thanks to Deni for sending me such a wonderful Christmas box. As many of you know, I never got one from my sender. Deni decided that I should have a box anyway, and went ahead and sent a huge box of goodies to me. I just can't thank her enough. Now, to me, that is the true meaning of Christmas. Although I don't have a picture to send, I wanted to let everyone know just how generous this wonderful lady was. First of all, I received a wonder "You Are Loved" card. That meant so much to me. She also sent me two Amaryllis (Appleblossom and Hippeastrum Aphrodite), 10 King Alfred Daffs, 10 SWC (don't know what this is) daffs, a pack of Bellevalia Romana bulbs, a huge Fritillaria bulb, an adorable "Friends are the Best Gifts" wooden window ledge sitter, lip conditioner, tra tree oil blemish stick, a great neck pillow that can be heated or cold, 8 seed packets (love them), a most gorgeous white porcelan heart box AND a huge aroma Spa Bath Tote, which my 17 YO dd promptly stole. lol And, if that were not enough, she said she will send me three daylilies in the spring!!

I didn't get it until I got back on Sunday. I was in San Antonio for my son's Air Force graduation from basic. It was a fantastic weekend, and so to come home to Deni's wonderul package was just delightful icing on a delicious cake.

Thank you so very much, Deni.

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I want in this swap!!!!

Its ok.... no need to worry about little ol me....

yes YOU, or raher some of you all were called OLD bears!!!
grin.... glad to see someone reads my emails.... more proof could be arriving chocolate!















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Dawn-Looks like your swap is doing nicely. Someone is going to have to send me a pet. I have none. Not the first one. My daughters doberman visits sometimes but that's it. I would like to find me a little fiest dog that will dig and find moles. They are ruining my yard.

CindyO-(escape) I kinda like your new log in name. I didn't log in for a couple of days because I was afraid it would change mine. I figured I would give them time to get gardenweb fixed. Love Ellie, it looks like she is wondering what you are doing with that camera.

Tanarae-Your greenhouse is beautiful. That is the kind I want if I ever get one. Still hoping. It looks like several of us sell plants on line. I sell so much from my gardens to locals I don't have much left for e-bay.

Anita-Glad to see you posting again.

MaryB-I'm sure I fit into the 'Old Bears" category. I wonder who is the oldest (in age) in this group. I just turned 54 in December. I know I am the oldest volleyball player in our league. (And proud of it). Never have been ashamed of my age.

Sherri-Sorry to hear about your Mom's car accident. Hope the cops forget it completely. How did your Son's surgery go? Hope everything is ok.

Barb-Hope your April 6 surgery helps and does what you all expect it to do.

MaryS-Glad to see you posting again.

Angie-You sure have a cutie there. You make a beautiful couple.

Gloria-Oh Gloria-----Say you play Volleyball?? I need a good volleyball player. Too bad you live so far away. We could have a blast playing on the same team.

I had a Garden Club meeting yesterday and was the horticulture speaker. My first time speaking to a group. I was so nervous, but it got easier as I talked and answered questions. When I joined I thought they would teach me things but they really don't know much about plants and don't have very many. I am the only member who grew up here. They are all from Florida. They did not know what an angel trumpet was.

Lunch is over. Better get busy. So tired of working. Wish I was rich. I could play in the dirt everyday and never think about getting to a job on time.


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Susan.....I'll be glad to get you back whenever you can spare the time.

Tana....Fantastic greenhouse...Keep us updated with what you are doing and what you have to sell.

Cindy...Time to start sharing pictures of your daylilies or ones that you plan to get this year.

Deni,Marea,Sharon,Shirley??...I plan to start planting the dl seeds you have shared with me soon. I will post pictures when any of them bloom and will share whichever you want.

I am one of the old bears, age 52, and am one of the original 17 old bear founding members. (I wasn't sure which one Gloria meant). But either way, I'm one of the oldies.
Shirley was just talking about wishing she didn't have to work anymore. My husband retired at age 50, having spent 27 years as a high school teacher. I am a retired nurse. Actually I just quit nursing after 20 years, but will be able to draw a small pension in 3 more years. Two years after my dh retired, I left nursing. We moved to his family farm and we live off his teachers retirement. I absolutely recommend retiring as early as you can. I only wish we could have done it earlier. I love doing what I want to do when I want to do it. I stopped being a joiner too. It ate up so much of my free time. I used to be on umpteen committees, boards, and social organizations, mostly related to my job as school nurse. GW and Daves are the only things I have joined since moving here 4 years ago.We are not rich, but we are HAPPY. Most people can live with less. It cost's to work...Another excuse to stay retired.

Canna...I'm making a trip to one of KY's 2 big town's Thursday, Louisville (where the derby is ran) you probably know this, but maybe others wouldn't. I plan to scout around for your furred, scaled, and feathered friends then. I hope to find some great stores.

Now for a blonde joke (or brunette/red head if you prefer):


A girl visiting her blonde friend who had acquired 2 new dogs, asked what their names were.

The blonde responded by saying that one was named Rolex and the other one was named Timex.

The blonde's friend said, "whoever heard of naming dogs like that?"

"HELLOOOOO'" answered the blonde, "They're watch dogs."


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Debbie-that's not fair. I'm older than you and still working. I just hope 11 years from now I am able to do the things I want to do when I retire. You never know health wise what the future will bring. Good for you and your husband. Retire early if you can. Love the blonde joke, will have to tell it to my boss, his son loves blonde jokes.
My daughter says the same thing you just said. It costs money to work. She did not go back after my GS was born. She said she saves $50.00 a week just by not eating out everyday.

Shirley (waiting on retirement)

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Hi all,

I guess I am an old bear here, but I think I am the youngest at 32. Well, wait, Cody is an old bear and he is younger than me!

Debbie, I look forward to receiving from you! DH and I will be going to Louisville in March for a houseboat show. My DH works part time building/welding house boats and he is building the show boat right now. It is a good day trip up there.

Maryanne, I am starting on your box today!

Dawn, what is the deadline?

Speaking of trip, we will be heading to Chattanooga, TN Feb. 2-5 for the 16th annual Region 10 Mid-Winter Symposium. It is an awesome lineup as usual. Ya'll come join me! Here is the schedule of events. The past two years, Doug and I have hosted the Wine-ception which is the kickoff social event. This year, Doug was asked to co-chair, and I of course help out whereever needed. We stay involved so that the registration and hotel are paid for, LOL!

Dawn, we are thinking of taking that beer we were discussing through email and walk around with them! It will be hilarious! I have been craving milk since reading your healthy tip. It's sort of a bad thing as it tears up my digestive system!

Tanarae, nice greenhouse! Lucky your nephew has a decent screen name!

I have not been on GW much lately because of the mess and I could not read with all those ads hopping around. Now they appear to be gone again and I no longer have to log in. I too was afraid my username would be changed!

(((HUGS))) Anita, thinking about you!

(((HUGS))) Gloria! I will be looking at what we talked about the other day. Gotta go get some inspiration in the stores.

Shirley, I play volleyball! Well, in high school, LOL!

OMG! Weather has been in the 50/60's for almost 2 weeks! I am loving January.

This old bear going back to hibernate...

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

i have been here since the beginning and i'm 23. 24 is looming waaaaay to close. anyone else starting their seeds yet? some of mine are germinating in the bag so i thought i better get them in dirt!

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Good morning everyone,

Another almost balmy day in Jersey. High is supposed to be 55 today.

Cody - I'm planning on setting up soon. I took it down with the plans on moving it to the basement. Haven't set it up yet. I'm bad, I just started stratifying my daylily seeds. Anyone know what the minimum stratification period is?


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cody_mi(z5 MI)

i don't think stratification is absolutely necessary, we did an experiment the year before on nonrefridgerated seeds and lot like an 85% germination rate. although i prefer to chill for at least 6 weeks, three should be fine!

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A goodie box is heading South, and where it going only two of us know. The confirmation number is 0305 0830 0003 4887 1114.

On the road again, I owe, I owe!


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when i pop on here now my computer sends me security warning al over the place...????

ok old bears heads up!

Jo.... do what you and i were talking about.... do it to the old bears only...

please send me one too.
maybe not new bears , its up to you... you can i dont care...
im zapped...
daughter and wedding dresses and tears flying all over the place...

debbie email me please..
mareas,,,someone send debbie my correct emailll
this is not it...
love and hugs to all.. be back soon...
jo email me please

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abitodd(z8 MS)

Ellen and Cody,

Thought I would clarify the seed stratification issue. Daylily seeds do not have to be refridgerated to germanate. The only reason you need to refridgerate them is to keep them from prematurly germanating. If the conditions are right they will start to germanate and then when you go to plant them the seeds will be dead. It is a good practice if you gather your seeds in the summer and fall that you air dry them for atleast 5 days and then refridgerate them until you are ready to plant. I have lost many seeds to premature germanation. I have collected seeds on Monday and planted them on Friday and had as much as 99% germanation.

I also want to let everyone in the group know as several of you have posted about getting early Birthday Magazine Subscriptions from Meghan and I that everyone active and non-active members that have Birthdays in January - March should get a card and a Subscription from Meghan and I. We tend to get busy and forget to send out cards and gifts to those important to us so I try to just do a bunch at a time. We decided to give Garden Design to everyone this time around. If you are already taking it you can call them and let them know and they will add this years to the end of your current subscription. I will try in the future to give a few choices so that everyone will be able to choose what they would like to receive. Next to Garden Gate, Garden Design and Fine Gardening are my favorites. We wanted to give a gift that would keep on giving so the subscriptions to a garden magazine seemed like a good idea to us. I just hope every one enjoys it.

Gloria...Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter. Hope you both get through this and have no regrets.

Canna - Hope the Mid-Winter Symposium goes great for you this year. Really wish we could have made it...Maybe next year.

Shirly - Dont rush the retirement...I woul give about anything to go back to work. Meghan and I are trying to build an ebay business and a Nursery business now. Need some money coming in from my side. I just do not think it is fair for DH to have to work so much to support us. I was the bread winner for my family before DH and I got married and then within a year the RSD took over and no one will hire me as I would be a huge liability to them with all the drugs I have to take just to have a semi normal life.

Dawn, Hope the little birdie worked ok I never did try it to see. If it did not please let me know and send it back. I got one for mom and it did not work so I am worried now.

Tana, Your Greenhouse is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Carmen, I am glad you liked your box. I really hope all the bulbs do well for you. I am just sorry you did not get the one you should have. My heart is still very heavy over that. It was my fault no matter what the rest of you think. I will say this...AINT NOBODY GONNA EVER SLID ON ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Debbie, You know my daughter wants to be a blonde so bad. It would really suit her...lol

Jo, Hope your mom is doing better. I hope if I live to 83 that I will not have to take a bunch of meds. I sure hope by then they have found a cure for RSD and I do not have to remember to take my meds anymore. She must have lead a grand life to be so healthy.

Sherri, How is your mom doing? I hope she is feeling better and about over the shake up.

If I missed anyone I am sorry, going to bed now and hope I feel like getting out of bed tomorrow. Oh guess I should let you all know incase you need me it would be better to email me over the next week or so as I do not get to read the robin everyday. I had tests last week and I have not heard back on them as the doctor had a family emergency and is still out but I was told to stay in the bed and do nothing until I heard back from him as based on my symptoms I may have a broken back...lol If it is broke its been that way since before Thanksgiving when my sweet 86 year old Grandmother ran me over in the grocery store on one of those motorized carts...not once but 5 times and pined me between my basket and the cart she was driving and the basket was pushed into a concrete wall so I just kept getting hit cause she freaked out after the first time and just kept gunning it. I dont dare tell here I maybe hurt she would just die. I have had to make up excuses as to why I have not been able to take her to the grocery this week. DH has been taking things by to her for me. My Aunt lives there with her as she can not stay alone. I slip her money to take care of things so I do not have to run back and forth the 40 miles one way to her house every other day.

Almost forgot, I am calling it even on the first part of the game. Barb and Paul won it and will receive the same prize for it. They uncovered the Keys for the game. The real game will begin in the next week or so. If you want to play you need to get registered and ready to go. If you go back and look through the clues and such you will see that it really was not hard at all. Remember the game is all about gardening. The fun part comes next. I hope a good many of you will decide to play. If anyone needs help getting signed up for it just let me know. I will try to get the rules and things up in the next few days for Part Two!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buy Ya'll

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Good Morning everyone,

Just want to say "Thank You Deni, and Meghan" for my mag. sub. It is one I have never gotten so really looking forward to it.

Sent you an e-mail. My thoughts are with you. Wish I could help in some way. Hang in there. big hugs.

You are a doll. Thanks for your help.

Love your greenhouse, verrrrry nice.

I don't know if I ever told you, my oldest son Aaron plays volleyball all the time. They were up for the State championships. I don't know if they ever got in because they were having trouble getting one more member for their team. They play mud volleyball as well. He brought us pics the last time they were out. OMG, EVERYONE is covered in mud from head to toe. They wear goggles to protect the eyes, but all else is MUD. TOOO funny. He said if you stay close to the court, you get dunked in as well. I told him I will never come to watch him play.LOL
I too played volleyball in highschool. You wouldn't know it now, I can't seem to move fast enough to get to the spot to hit the ball anymore. Too many old injuries to move too fast anymore. I guess all my body parts have to take a second to think about whether or not they can (and want to) move.

How is your son and your mom?

I have tried to send a couple of e-mails to you, they won't go through. Do you have a new addy?
Your guy looks like a sweetie. You make a wonderful couple. I am sooooo happy for you.

Well, guess I had better think about heading to work.
Hope I didn't miss anyone,
Have a great day everyone,

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I also want to take a minute to thank all of you who helped to fix the problem with the Dec. swap.
You all are awesome.



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I also want to take a minute to thank all of you who helped to fix the problem with the Dec. swap.I know she will be very happy.
You all are awesome.



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Joeypack(8 Ark/Tx)

Hello eveyone! Just wanted to stop by and say thank you to Deni and Meghan and the rest of you for the wonderful subsription! That really made the day special. You all are so wonderful! Thank you again. I hope this spring I will be able to come back and start trading! Joey and Ricky

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Actually it is a question on how to hang a quilt. Several years ago hubby and I bought a Hawaiian Quilt to hang on a wall. Now that he has finished painting the Family Room, we have decided the quilt would look fantastic there. I have just got back from Michaels and Johanne Fabrics and have seen several different methods. I'm leaning toward sewing velcro on the back of the quilt and gluing it to a board which would be attached to the wall. What do you think? Or should I go with the dowel method. The quilt is only 40 x 40 in. We have 2 quilted pillow cases also which hubby wants to put on the walls. They are 18 x 18 in.

I would really appreciate your input here!

Now I will go back to all the posts and read everything I've missed and post again later.


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Hi Sharon, if it were my quilt I would probly use a dowel rod method that would have less risk of damage to the quilt. you could just baste stitch a pocket for the rod and all would remove easily later and not cause damage. Just my thoughts. Tanarae

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Tanarae, I would baste stitch the velcro to the quilt. I don't want the quilt to 'hang free' so I thought putting velcro on top and bottom (using 2 in. velcro) would give me some leeway in getting the quilt 'tighter'. I have heard it is kind of hard to get the dowels up perfectly on the wall for a 'tight' quilt. Does that make sense?
Oh, what a BEAUTIFUL GREENHOUSE! You will have to post another picture when you have it filled with plants!!

Jo, Hope your Mom is doing better. Had a good laugh and visual with the mention of your son's Mud Volleyball!
I never said anything about the contraversy over the voting, but my first thought was you should just pick who you thought should win. Sorry I didn't vote, no particular reason, just didn't want to take the time to go back and decide. Terrible admission I know - Please don't you send me to the corner!

Gloria, sorry to hear about the wedding problems. Now if you really can't return the wedding dress . . . Your daughter will actually save money by wearing the wedding gown instead of buying a new dress for the occasion. I got married by a Justice of the Peace, but still wore a Wedding Gown. Now I did get a lot of turned heads (and smiles) at the Court House (chuckle) but I'm so glad I did. Hubby just wore a nice suit.

Debbie, loved the Blonde Joke!

Cody, I'm beginning to plant a couple seeds. This year I'm trying something a little different. Putting a little H2O in the plastic bags with the seeds, putting them back in the fridge for up to a week, just to rehydrate them. A Daylily friend learned this from somewhere and she liked it better than the peroxide/H2O room temp germination method. So far none of the seeds have germinated in the H2O in the fridge. (some of hers did though)

Deni - OMG - I sure hope it is not a broken back!!!!! Your right, you can't tell dear Grandma you got hurt. I would say more, but I will put it in an email, I'm just remembering now you told us too.

Dawn - wanted to say thanks again for the healthy tips.
Congrats on becoming an Aunt!
Here in Detroit, we are getting excited about the Superbowl, but not because the Lions will be in it. ;o) The superbowl is going to be held in Detroit this year.
I will root for the Steelers if they make it.
Keep looking for that 'special' place and when you get it I will have to decide to live with you or Marea!
Just wanted to say also, that the calandar wasn't 'Why Cats Paint' - but was 'Why paint Cats'. People actully paint their cats. :o)

Barb - hope the surgury is every thing you are hoping for.

Cindy O - Ellie is a Cutie!! What I would give for another dog. Hubby says no. :o(
Oh, and I love the new GW name too.

Angie - Too cool a place for your son's Birthday. How old is he? When my son was ??? 4th grade ??? we had a party for him at the Toledo Science Museum - he says it was the 2nd best party we threw for him.

Ellen - Oh you lucky gal! 2 new cats! and they both sound Beautiful!

Hope I got to everyone.
Just have to brag that my Elvas (dwarf double) Amaryllis is blooming. Elvas is new to me this year.

Take care everyone,

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Just wanted to let everyone with a yahoo e-mail address to know that my e-mail's to you are bouncing back saying that yahoo is not working or something to that effect.

Gloria...I saw your post and am e-mailing you now.

Joey and Ricky...Hurry back...

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Is anyone else going to admit how old they are?

Debbie -52
Cody-23 (you are probably the baby of the group) or Meghan.
I don't know how old she is.
Can you tell I'm bored? I'm getting Spring fever already with these 60 and 70 degree days.

Can't believe all the volleyball players. I have played sports all my life. I played softball way into my 40's. Then I took up volleyball. BY THE WAY WE WON TONIGHT.
On Sundays we play Co-ed volleyball (men and women) Sometimes the men get pretty rough trying to outdo each other.

Deni-My dad had a hard time with retirement also. He threatned to go back to work several times but finally got used to it. He actually re-tired from the Company I work for.

Jo-Did you get the pictures I e-mailed of the nativity? I've never tried mud volleyball. Beach volleyball looks like a lot of fun.

Joey-Great to hear from you. I thought of you the other night while going through a bulb magazine. They had lots of asiatic, lilliput, and oriental lilies. I did a new flower bed in the fall and will probably put all asiatics in it.


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A baby asked God, "They tell me you are sending me to earth
tomorrow, but how am I going to live there being so small and

God said, "Your angel will be waiting for you and will take
care of you."

The child further inquired, "But tell me, here in heaven I
don't have to do anything but sing and smile to be happy."

God said, "Your angel will sing for you and will also smile for
you. And you will feel your angel's love and be very happy."

Again the child asked, "And how am I going to be able to
understand when people talk to me if I don't know the language?"

God said, "Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and
sweet words you will ever hear, and with much patience and
care, your angel will teach you how to speak."

"And what am I going to do when I want to
talk to you?"

God said, "Your angel will place your hands together and will
teach you how to pray."

"Who will protect me?"

God said, "Your angel will defend you even if it means risking
its own life."

"But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore."

God said, "Your angel will always talk to you about Me and will
teach you the way to come back to Me, even though I will always
be next to you."

At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from
Earth could be heard and the child hurriedly asked, "God, if I am to
leave now, please tell me my angel's name."

"You will simply call her, "Mom."


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cody_mi(z5 MI)

meghan is 16 so she's taken over my spot for the youngest! but i'm still the prettiest!! lol

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

I got the most wonderful surprixe in the mail yesterday--a brithday subscription to Gardening Design from Deni & Meghan. Thank you, thank you so very much! At my age (will be 49 on the 20th), I usually get phone calls and a dinner out on my birthday, but no real gifts. What a great surprise. I'll think of you both all year long.
I hope you're feeling better soon. Please keep us posted on your progress.

Sharon/TMA: I'd hang the quilt by basting a casing on top AND bottom--top for the rod and then fill the bottom casing with something for weight, a solid metal dowl (I've bought them in Home Depot, they're like small-diameter rebars in the plumbing section), a tube of sand, drapery weights or pennies. Your idea of basting velcro is pretty good, too. My initial concern was permanently attaching the velcro and then changing your mind and using the quilt on a bed--OUCH!--but if you can remove it, that would work.

Joey & Ricky--soooo good to see your names posted again, welcome home, boys.

Cody--you're lamenting being 24? I have sheets older than you!

Gloria--I, too, found out the hard way that wedding dresses are not returnable. Hang onto it, things may change. If she doesn't end up wearing it, send it to me and I'll turn it into the most exquisite christening gown and coat for that first baby (eventually, I'm not pushing things).

Sherri--please update us on your mom and son. I hope they're both doing well.

Debbie/buds--hey, NO FAIR! I've been a nurse 29 years and STILL have 17 more to go before retirement. I'm going to go slap my financial planner . . .oh, wait . . . I don't have one. Hmmmm, maybe that's the problem!

Where's Paul? He's awfully quiet.


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Happy Happy Morning All!

Shirley - If you must know I'm 46 and loving it.
Once again your email was so cute. The dog/light bulb joke was a smile maker!

Gloria - I did wipe away a tear, not from the poem, but from "TODAY MY DAUGHTER ASKED ME IF i WOULD BE HER MAID OF HONOR!!!!" When God closes one door he opens another!

Jo - interesting idea of putting weight on the bottom of the quilt. It is all so new to me. I did go to some web sites last night and found one that says the Amish use Velco, so maybe I will try that one. Will have to think if I want to put weight (less holes in the wall - you know how men are about those!)or velcro on the bottom. I was just wanting some first hand knowledge from my TDL friends.

Your offer to Gloria for making the Christening dress is wonderful! Your a sweetheart.

Deb/bud - I'm a working Medical Technologist since '82. We are planning on retiring at 60. Kids should be done with college by then ... right?
I'm working with a lady who is 65 and has no plans of retiring ... I don't understand!

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Good Morning Everyone,
Just wanted to say hi to everyone real quickly before getting started on the day. We have another beautiful day in store for us. The last two days were sunny and in the mid 50's. I had to work both days and it KILLED ME! I am off today and it is supposed to be in the 60's today. I am planning on being in my gardening boots and gloves when the school bus pulls away and I have to whole day to do what I want! I am planning on explanding my iris bed with newspaper layers and bagged topsoil, manure and peat that I have stored away in the garage. (Gotta get ready for those iris coming from Shirley). Also going to pull a few weeds that I saw coming already in the gardens. Then I'm going to mulch some areas that I never got to before the snow fell last time. I should have Spring Fever pretty good by the end of today just in time for the snow and return of winter that we're going to get tomorrow. Oh well, here it is mid-January and it's been not too bad yet so I won't complain. Canna, think it's time for your countdown to Spring. And CindyO, some daylily pictures would be nice. I've been spending some time over on the LA looking a daylilies - not ordering - just looking. **Sigh**

Gloria, I've been thinking it would be fun to do another co-op daylily buy like we did last summer. I know it was alot of work for you to have them sent, divide, repack and ship to all of us. I would be willing to organize it if you would want to hook me up with your source. I could contact him and see if he will be offering any of those awesome $5 fans if we buy in quantity. Let me know.

Shirley, I am 45. I have never been embarassed about my age either. I truly believe you are as old as you feel.

Well, it's getting light outside so I'm off and running........

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I started my previous post with "Happy Happy Morning All" because I was going to say.


The 13th is always a lucky day for me!

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MaryB - your right, a beautiful day to work in the garden. We still have our Christmas Tree waiting in the backyard for hubby to use the chain saw and cut the branches so I can put them on my garden (like you, I still have areas that don't have mulch). I think I will go out and do the cutting myself with a hand saw.

I must be gabby today.

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Debbie -52
Cody-23 (The Prettiest) I bet you are very handsome
Meghan-16(Our Baby of the Group) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Good grief I am the oldest.


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abitodd(z8 MS)

Me is 41

Cody....Meghan said prove it...lets see a picture of your pretty little self :)


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Au contraire, dear Shirley, you & Momma G are are the same age but I have you both beat by a year - will be 56 in April and am just loving my senior discounts at the second hand store!

Loved your laughing kitten, Sharon!

Its been raining here for months * I am nearly as wet as Carol - the deluge of downpours stopped just in time to prevent another news breaking round of catastrophic flooding here, however, so it could be worse... me & Herb & the cats have cabin fever BIG time, tho.

The upside is that this weather helped me name my "nursery": ~Raincolor Daylilies~

Tana - thanks for showing your greenhouse photos! Your venture is exactly my hearts desire & I wish you every success. Jo, you too!

Off to clean horse & emu stalls in the rain, marea

PS - M&M's on tuesday, Momma G!

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26 days of rain and still pouring, I think I may be molding or is it moulding? going to bathe in tilex for mold and mildew tonight. hope it helps. I want spring, and a color other than green or brown. Cody and Meghan I bet you are both pretty. darn I may be the oldest. my oldest grandson is graduating this year, should have given me a clue. go Sea hawks, sorry Mamma. whoever posted the fruit salad recipe, I have it a couple of times a week now. but use fruit cocktail, tropical fruit, mini marshmallows, boy is it good. thankyou, I love this group, paul where are you?

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Debbie -52
Cody-23 (The Prettiest) I bet you are very handsome
Meghan-16(Our Baby of the Group) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Well I lost my spot. Marea is now in first place.
Carol, you didn't tell your age???? Come on now. Fess up so I can put you in the list.

Marea-Lots of fast food restaurants give discounts at age 50 here. Love it also. Love that catchy name RAINCOLOR DAYLILIES.

Carol-LMK how the tilex bath goes. Toooo cute.

Cody-Yes we demand a picture now. Let's see one soon.


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Joey and Ricky,
It is so good to see you post. Hurry back, we miss you.

I have never been ashamed of my age. Just because you are older doesn't mean you can't be immature. (grinz)
I am 47, will be 48 in March.I would never go back to being 20 something. I like my age very much.Yes, I did get the pics, I will be glad to send you a pic or 2 when it is done.Thanks again.

How are you? Is everything feeling a bit better now? Hope so. Hugs.

Will keep you in thoughts and prayers. Hope the surgery does all you could possibly hope for.

Where IS Paul?

Carol and Marea,
I am so sorry you guys are molding. Here is wishing that the sun will come out for both of you soon.

Yes, lets see a pic.

Emu???? You raise them? I think they are cool. Got some pics? I must have missed something, I never knew you had emu(s).

Loved the poem, but I too had to wipe a tear about DD. Keep saying those prayers. Things will work out.

have a great night all,


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Jo, remember the horses I work with? Their owner has been an Emu breeder for 20 years and I am learning to appreciate & love those strange, scary feathered dinasaurs. I can't find my dvd with the enu photos right now - but will post or email them in the next few...

Here is a daylily I hope to register as 'Raincolor Magenta' ~

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Look at that, now I am back to tanarae. I just don't get it???? Anyway wanted to say thanks for all the kudos on my greenhouse. I feel like a new mom. LOL I just love it. I have not moved my plants to the nursery site yet. My hubby and I live in the country on 17 acres and we have a well here. So I have a large container area here on a timer that takes care of the watering. I probly won't move the plants till the last minute and then only a small amount of each variety as needed to keep the water bill in check and the space. It is really going to be an adventure. I am 49 1/2 so if I don't do what I trully love now I am afraid I will never have the energy that it takes to pull it off so I am going for it. All I can do is fail. I own the property so all I will loose is my investment in inventory and that is a small price to pay for a dream so what the heck, you only live once! LOL I hope it all works out but I know if it doesn't it won't be because I didn't give it my best shot. I will post some pics after I get the house/gift shop and plants in the nursery set up so everyone can see. I certainly want it to succeed. My son that lives in Florida is supposed to come home the first of next month to help me finish setting it up and my expected opening day is March 15th. We will see as I am supposed to have a little surgery this month but if they don't get it scheduled soon I may just say to heck with it. Waiting around for doctors is messing up my plans! I am ready to move forward. I am truly excited and nervous as a tick too! Anyway thanks again for all the nice complements on my greenhouse, you are all sooooo sweet. Tanarae

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)


a dear friend of mine collects quilts and most of them are hung by those decorative curtain rods. one at the top and one at the bottom. she used tabs (similar to belt loops) on the back and actually fastened them by velcro squares. she doesn't sew, so this was her method of choice and it worked well. decorative rods and hooks and they really look fabulous. she has quilts in all the rooms, hallways, etc. i don't know how wide your quilt is, but she has a support in the middle of the rod as well on some of the larger ones. some of the rods are so decorative and seem to have been made specifically with the quilt in mind. she said it became as much a task to choose a rod as it did a quilt.

carol - tilex bath -- mildew. you just crack me up, you old coot!

tana, i just love the greenhouse. i am in the process of building the base for mine. my son is running the water line and the electician - who never shows when he says he will (but is such a cutie with a gorgeous smile, so it's worth the wait :). i love the fact that you live on 17 acres too. that's my desire, to live on land, garden, raise chickens and i would be content for the rest of my life. i have had the itch to move for the last couple years, but certain obligations keep me here, for at least now. my dream will not die, though.

marea, as usual another gorgeous flower...makes me long for spring. emu poop, hmmmm. does that make good compost?

FYI: age is just a matter of mind, if you don't mind, it don't matter!

temps here are most excellent, although we've had a little rain. the cold stuff is coming. looking forward to it, want to start winter sowing.

hello everyone, hope you are all well.


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luvmybulbs(Z6 IL)

Evening all. I have been workig way too much. We had rain then snow today. I am so ready for warm weather.

I am an orginal bear and I just turned 37 in Dec.

Gloria, what is up with the wedding? I think I missed something. When is she getting married?

Marea the daylily is very pretty.

Joey-great to hear from you, we sure do miss you.

Tana I am very jealous of the greenhouse.

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meghan_in_ms(z7/8 MS)

Hey all!!!

Cody i will make you a deal. If you put up a picture I will. Then evoryone can vote. And we will see who is the prittiest!!!LOL

Love All

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ok I was born in 1947, so must be the oldest, still raining here. I knew I was in trouble when we moved here and I saw commercials on tv about body mold and fungus controll, I moved here from arizona, I miss the sun. I bet both Cody and Meghan are cute. Deni does not look old enough to have a 16 yr old daughter tho. I got wax and empty pop bottles for christmas so am going to try candlemaking tomorrow. wax is expensive 25.00 a sheetTiyli and I had fun shopping for Bailey and Chelsea she wanted to eat the hamsters tho hugs to all moldy carol

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Good morning all
sorry I've not posted in awhile but as you all Know
I have critters :))
But I also cook, clean, laundry & shop for 3 elderly couples down the road in the trailer park :))
that has really kept me running this week for mary kay
the sweetest of them all fall the other day thursday
& I spent most the day with her.

I will try to catch up on here with you all soon .
but I have to get caught up on my house work here today :))
by the way I"m 56 yr old &

We all get heavier as we get older because there's a lot more information in our heads. So I'm not fat, I'm just really intelligent and my head couldn't hold any more so it started filling up the rest of me!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it !!!!
Have a great weekend

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Good Morning Everyone,

Quick check in here today, my stupid computer froze up last week & I had to wait for DH to have the time to help me move a 8' X4' storage unit out of the way to get it unplugged, got that puppy moved this morning & I am back in action:)

I know I have a ton more catching up to do, But I HAD to get on & Thank Deni & Meghan for the beautiful Thinking Of You card they sent me Thursday, Thank you both so much, That was VERY thoughtful of you:)

Have to run ton's to do today, One of the orginal older bear's 25 I wish:) OK 39 :)Anita

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Debbie -52
Cody-23 (The Prettiest) I bet you are very handsome
Meghan-16(Our Baby of the Group) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Meghan-Way to go---------Bring Cody out with a good challenge.

Susie-That's right about the info in our heads. Good thinking.

I feel proud that the younger daylily generation likes us enough to be in the group. Thank you all so much. I learn things from my GD all the time. It is nice I can keep up with all the new fads and things going on.

Marea-Love that daylily RAINCOLOR MAGENTA. Beautiful daylily. Talking about Emu's. I was reading this week in our local paper about an Emu farm and Alpaca farm here in Franklin. Both very interesting. I plan to visit them both when the weather gets a little nicer. Blowing snow here today.

Jo-Looking forward to the pictures when you get it made.

Off to get ready...Going to Lowe's and buy paint. Painting my kitchen red. My DD painted hers red and I love it.


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onesherri(z5 OH)

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't gotten on to post about Jake but as always around here nothing is simple. We ended up staying in the hospital two days and still having breathing problems. Then this morning he woke up crying his ears hurt. It has been one thing right after another. One thing clears up and another goes wrong. I feel so awful for him. He is taking at least some kind of yucky meds about every hour on top of not feeling well anyway. I think if I had known it was going to be this hard on him, I would have rethought the whole thing. Because obviously it didn't fix the breathing problem that we were hoping for.
Doctor is still holding out hope that once all the swelling goes down, it will still help the breathing trouble. But really won't know until he gets his next cold. Which I hope is like..... next year. :) Well sorry to deliver such a crappy update but fingers are crossed for tomorrow. Thanks for all your prayers and keep em coming. Sherri

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Morning everyone,

It was wonderful chatting with you this morning. So looking forward to the time we can meet. Have a great time at your party.You have a warm friendly voice that matches your warm friendly personality. Huge hugs to you.

GORGEOUS Daylily. I love the name you chose, both for your business and your daylily.

Wonderful. Reminds me of a story... A lady wrote to Dear Abby, she sadi she really wanted to go to med school, but that by the time she graduated (8 years I believe it was) she would be 54 years old. She wasn't sure if she should go for it. Abby's answer to her?? "How old will you be in 8 years if you don't go to med school"?
You go for it. I know you will make it a huge success.


C'mon Cody, rise to her challange, lets see your goreous face. (both of you.)

I LOVE IT. That is just too cool. I am really gonna have to adopt that phrase.

Hey girl, good to see you posting. Hope the 'puter will behave now.

I am so sorry to hear about DS. Keep your(and his) spirits up. It will get better. Hang on to the info that once the swelling goes he will improve. Big hugs, keeping you and DS in my prayers.

Well, off to get something done.
Have a great day everyone,

big hugs to all,


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Hi everyone.
Age... well, I hit the big 40 last month. My health insurance went up accordingly :(.

Eveyone should go over to Webster Daylilies forum and register... only Barb and I played the last game (and declared winners). Come on over...

Winter Wonderland is blooming.

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Hi Everyone,

I will be a big 55 on my birthday this year. I'm still not home, but will be later, and will try and post.


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

The phone rang this morning as DH and I were cleaning the house for a party tomorrow with his family. Since his parents passed, we rarely see his side all together so I invited them all up. Guess who was on the phone . . .JO!

What a great time we had talking. I think we should all forget the swap in February and just pick up the phone and call our partner. What a kick!

Because I'm not busy enough cleaning, I sit down to pet Maizie (my million dollar bassett hound) and feel a lump of sticky crud on her back near her tail. On further inspection, it's a patch of thick, yellow, flaky skin and IT'S ALL OVER HER!

Off to the vet we go. 2 1/2 hours and $278 later, I come home with a dog with bacterial folliculitis (in her eyes, too) and osteoarthritis. Vet drew blood for Lyme and Ehrlichiitis and gave her a big, honking cortisone shot to stop the itching. I have antibiotics to give her twice a day for 3 weeks, anti-inflammatory medicine for a week, Glucosamine/Chondroitin twice daily, antibiotic eye ointment 3 times a day and a medicated shampoo twice a week.

He offered allergy testing but the bloodwork cost another $280 and I passed for now. He thinks it's most likely a food allergy. Miss Maizie is now on kangaroo-based food. Can you stand it? Jeeze Louise, I never had this much trouble (or expense) raising my kids!

I just got out of the bathroom after the first bath and I'm exhausted. Ever struggle to hold a 65 lb dog who is determined to jump out of the tub? One hand on her chest, the other juggling the shampoo and shower spray. then the shampoo has to stay on for 10 minutes before rinsing!

Right now she's busy shaking herself (spraying wet dog hair all over) and I look like I crawled out of a dumpster.

DH, thank God, continued to clean the house through all this--he gave me a choice--I chose the wrong option.

Gotta go clean and start cooking.


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Wooo Hooooo more ages.

Debbie -52

Got my DH painting my REDDDDDDD kitchen. Gosh I hope it's going to look alright. It's to late now anyway.

My Aunt and Uncle called and invited us for supper. Could not have happened at a better time. My kitchen is turned upside down.


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

I shoulda known.

My little sister cannot, CANNOT cook. I don't know what keeps her children from starvation. Must be my BIL.


In planning this party, I decided to make a clam dip recipe she included in my SILs bridal recipe book. I skimmed the ingredients for the shopping list but never read the directions.

Now that I'm under the gun I have all my stuff ready and THE DIRECTIONS ARE INSANE! Some ingredients aren't mentioned in them, others don't specify amounts. What was I thinking?

I had to search through 4 Google pages of Clam Dip recipes before I found one to kinda match the ingredients on hand. Wait till the next time I talk to her (laughing at my own foolishness) . . .

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Shirley, A Red Kitchen ~ have to see a picture of that when you are done!

Also, I had to laugh when you said you thought your Garden Club could teach you something about gardening. Ours is the same way. They are all nice ladies, but I had the biggest garden and knew quite a bit more than them. I didn't stay with the group cause they met at a bad time for me (with kids). I will go back someday. I think it is great you that you were the 'speaker'!!!!

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Good morning everyone. Well yesterday turned out to be not such a bad day once the ears quit hurting. He had probably his best day since surgery. Actually ate a little and I didn't have to force him to drink all day. We had a bit of a rocky night but he is feeling good this morning. Mad at me for not playing Mario but otherwise doing well.

Merea, I love the name of your new venture. I wish you all of the success in the world with it.

Susie, LOL. That cartoon is to cute.

Dianne, I have been there, done that and feel for you with the dog. My Bubba who passed away last year had skin trouble constantly. My experience with the allergy part is don't bother with the skin tests. Most often won't eliminate you having to medicate for the skin trouble. Best thing to do is just stay on top of it and don't let it get out of hand. Often if you use that medicated shampoo upon first noticing the skin it will clear it back up. Good luck. Sherri

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Diane wow what a nitemare with the pooch. It will be worth it though to have your friend well again. Hubby is a real sweetie to, cleaning house? My hubby would have quickly run out to his shop to hide from the whole ordeal. LOL Hope your party is a great success.

Shirley, cant wait to see some pics of the red kitchen. Bet it turns out great. Wish I had enough gumption to use color that way. I am way too traditional when it comes to color in the home. I did do a nice wall treatment on the living room of the town house. I painted a wainscott of faux wicker and put up a chair rail. It looks great and very tropical feel to the room which is what I wanted for the gift shop area in the house.

Heres the kitchen cabinets I did a faux insert and trimmed it out to make the old cabinets look like they had wicker panels on them.
thats about as bold as I can get. LOL Tanarae

    Bookmark   January 15, 2006 at 10:46AM
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Hey G, how old are you now? In the email you said 52 and on here it's 54 lol are we supposed to do the averaging? ;-)

Joey and Ricky, I agree, welcome home! Hope to see more of you soon.

Carol and Marea, please send rain! The woods are burning down around here. Last weekend there were so many woods fires and house fires we they were calling volunteer fire departments to one fire and then there would be one in their own district. We finally got a couple of showers but still have a burn ban on. I wish people who throw out their ciggies would think about how dry the grass is.

Marea, I saw a program on TV years ago where a lady was making tiny purses out of emu eggs and they were selling for many thousands of dollars. All they would hold was a lipstick and phone money.

Tana, your greenhouse is fantastic. I'd love to have one. Good luck with your business and I hope you feel up to opening on time.

Maryanne, loved your FYI.

Veeja, too funny, Tilex for mold and mildew! I'll have to remember that one.

Susie, LOL

Paul, I love that gorgeous bloom!

Sherri, hang on to that hope and keep those prayers going. He'll be better before you know it. God doesn't give us more than we can bear even though it feels like it at times.

Dian, poor, poor Maizie! I know what you mean about the vet bills. With love and care she will be out running and her old self quickly.

Shirley, I want to see that red kitchen too! I bet I'll like it too.

Cody, come on out and stand up for yourself kiddo. Get that picture up and prove yourself guy!!! ;-)

When I look outside all I see is little white name tags sticking up. I think it was Angie who said it looks like a plant graveyard in the winter. I'd have to ditto that 'cause around here that is exactly how it looks. I'm ready for some blooms!


    Bookmark   January 15, 2006 at 5:56PM
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namso(Z5 OH)

Evening all,
Ended up going away for the weekend..now need to catch up on posts and emails....first things first though. before i left i received an awesome box from Susie..(lord she is quick)including:
.Hanging suet basket with 2 refills (note:wild birds HAPPY)
.Reesees Peanut Butter Hearts...yum...DH took :(:(
. Canine Carryout treats - Ellie loves! maybe she'll housebreak for??
.Dog Buscits - midnights favorite :)
.Gormet Grains Wild Bird Food! for some reason midnight wants this too. :)
.Teas and Jam
. A puppy squeaky - Ellie needs one, midnight stole all
An awsomely cute thistle sak finch feeder - going to try- never saw one of these before,
.and BEST for ME a lovely framed pic "All the flowers of all the tomarrows are in the seeds of today". it is beautiful Susie and will match right next to my computer.
Pic coming when i get DH to hang.

Thankyou susie,

Carol, i am not so efficent. I will go hamster shopping for Tilyi before the week is out.

Cindy O/looks like namso again? more catch up in am.

    Bookmark   January 15, 2006 at 8:54PM
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Cindy, consider rain sent 28 days here and still going, moss grows on all sides not just north, tilex didn't work, gonna try orthenex next, that way I shouldn't get bugs either. today I noticed a couple of my bulbs had popped out of the ground. must be rain. strawberry banna blizzards at dairy queen win for tasty. dairy queen is open year around here. what does 100 acres cost?was gonna mail my box out monday but it is a holiday so it will be tuesday for both boxes. hugs to all, especially Meghan, kitty was lucky to have you. I managed a humane society in my younger days and saw so many kittys that never received love. so know how lucky your kitty was. hugs moldy carol

    Bookmark   January 15, 2006 at 10:55PM
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namso(Z5 OH)

Good morning all, time for a little more catchup:)

Sherri, Im so glad to hear that Jake is feeling a bit better. Keeping fingers crossed he heals up real soon.

Meghan, so sorry to hear of loss of your kitty. carol is right, she was lucky to have you.

Dawn, wow that Steelers game was close!! was rooting for your team as they kicked my Bengals out last week.

Cody, seeds - have a few on. Question for seed growers - how long do you wait before you give up? i have tons of some crosses up, zip on others.

Tana - love the greenhouse - awesome!!!!

Shirley - im 41. awesome on the garden club, bet they'll learn a ton :).

Carol - DH used a product called SimpleGreen for mold on our N side. worked really well for us. wont harm the plants.

Thankyou for all the kind comments on Ellie. she is a hoot. unfortunatly we are blacksliding on the housebreaking issue...another story.

Maryb - we all started out just looking on the lily auction im sure lol. im trying real hard to stay away myself...think i already blew this years budget.

Angie - nice to see you back posting!

Debbie - loved your blond joke lol.

Marea - Love!!!! the Raincolor name and the seedling is beautiful

Ok a few pics....

Jewel in a Crown

Lady Fingers

Cindy O/namso
name is back but member page gone :(.

    Bookmark   January 16, 2006 at 7:49AM
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cindy will love the jewels of crown :)) glad you like the box hope the critters do also.
busy day today have to go

    Bookmark   January 16, 2006 at 8:18AM
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onesherri(z5 OH)

Nancy, you are so right. Actually after being in that hospital, I felt pretty lucky. Lots of kids and parents who aren't going to recuperate. I don't know how you recover from that.

Keep forgetting, 35 and an original.

Cindy, I love that jewel in crown and lady fingers.

Had to laugh at the graveyard comment. Was just looking out the other day wondering what in the heck was in my garden. Then I realized I had painted some wooden tags white out there. A graveyard sums it up. :)

Debbie, I was wondering if those prolifs survived?

Sharon, finally got some seeds planted last night, will update you when they start sprouting. Sherri

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Debbie -52

Added a few more. I will have to see who we are missing and see if they will tell us their age.
Gosh we have several that are the same age.

Gloria-Sorry I had you down as 54. Changed you to 52.

What happened to the challenge between Meghan and Cody?
I was looking forward to seeing their cute faces.

Cindy-Jewel in a Crown is beautiful. Will have to trade you out of one of those. LOL

Need you all to pray for my niece Rena. She had a motorcycle wreck yesterday. Got thrown 50'(no helmet on). I stayed at the hospital with the family last night until they sent her to a better hospital. They were concerned about her neck. She was in a lot of pain. Broke my heart, I love her so much. I was hoping they would send her to a hospital in Atlanta but they sent her to Gainesville.

I love my RED kitchen. Pictures coming soon, have to put everything back and hang my pictures back up. I have black appliances so I'm painting some of the picture frames black so it will go with the red. Red and black should look great together.


    Bookmark   January 16, 2006 at 1:19PM
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Hello again,
Things have been busy around here! I did not check in over the weekend and I had alot of emails!!! Sometimes it gets a little confusing.
Meghan, so sorry about your little kitty!
Anita (((hugs))) Hope things are going better.
I did not sign up for the Jan swap but hopefully in Feb! I still enjoy reading what everyone is getting.
Cindy: Love that "Jewel in a Crown" daylily!
Marea: I like your new seedling!
Gloria: That is so nice your DD asked you to be Matron of Honor! (I am sure my own DD would not right now)

We have been having some DD problems here! She (age 20) announced at Christmas that she is quitting college and going to work full time. She had been working part-time for this place and can now get on full time with full benefits starting in April. She found an apartment with 2 other girls and did most of the moving herself. We just had to help with the bigger stuff. Not really what we had hoped for her, but at least she is not going to waste any more time/money in college if she is not sure what she wants to do with her life. Her parents are real "stupid" right now and she does not want to discuss it. We still talk as long as it is about other stuff. I guess it's time to "let go" and let her make her own way. That has taken alot of my energy lately! Thankfully she is 3 1/2 hrs away, because I seem to have a hard time keeping my mouth shut! Last summer with her home here was a struggle!
I am one of the original TDs and am 54.

I am sure I am forgetting someone! MaryS

    Bookmark   January 16, 2006 at 3:11PM
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Shirley, can't wait to see the RED kitchen. Bet it looks great! All my prayers for you Niece. Hope she recovers soon and is okay. It is hard to see someone you love in pain like that. Hopefully she will put that helmet on if she gets on another motocycle. Hard lesson to learn that way though. Tanarae

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Dawn is the same age as me, I do believe, 32 or 33?

Geez I sound like Dr. Suess. I'm tired, just go back from Kentucky visiting with my sister.


    Bookmark   January 16, 2006 at 7:23PM
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love that daylily Cindy, Tiyli is a doggie not a hamster, although she might like hamster treats, she wanted to eat the hamsters when we went shopping, I need help not only do I have a mold problem, will try simple green). but my two female dogs are in season and I am having to keep them in the house, they are taking turns playing a male and driving me crazy. Tiyli also got a little snowman that sings we wish you a merry christmas, she keeps playing over and over, I need to escape help!!

    Bookmark   January 16, 2006 at 7:33PM
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luvmybulbs(Z6 IL)

Cindy love the daylily's. I need to update my list so bad, I know I have lost about 20 since I last updated.

Mary S, I remember giving my mom grief! Hang in there. I didn't go to college until I was 25. I only have a 2 year degree, but I paid for it all myself. If I knew then what I know now sheesh. I was the first and only one of the grandkids that went. I have been beating it into my boys heads that they are expected to go to college and they are only 7 and 3.

Shirley sorry to hear about your niece, I hope everything turns out ok.

oK QUESTION--have any of you used those jiffy things that when you add water they expand? Are they good for seed starting? I try every year to start stuff from seeds and have no luck. I usually get them to sprout and they get about 1/4" tall then everything dies. I need help~

Got to go


    Bookmark   January 16, 2006 at 8:41PM
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cody_mi(z5 MI)

i told meghan i'd post mine, but she had to go first!!

    Bookmark   January 16, 2006 at 8:49PM
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Debbie -52
Dawn-32-33 (we think)

Is anyone plagued with lady bugs besides me?
They are innnnnnnn my house. Honest.
I'm calling Orkin. My DH vaccums them up in the vaccum cleaner. I don't know where they came from. They love the windows. The warmer it gets the more they come out.


    Bookmark   January 16, 2006 at 9:46PM
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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

shirley, my aunt had a red, grey and black kitchen. it was awesome.

isn't meghan adorable? cody -- come out, come out wherever you are!

i remember when i was younger, my mother was 29 forever. i'm 48.

shirley, good thoughts sent your way for your neice. i lit a candle. i'll say a prayer.

i lost track - who is it that doesn't care much for frogs?

cindy, those DLs are quite lovely. nice box from sue. i have been trading/swapping with her since i signed on GW and she's one of the fairest, generous and prompt traders that it's my pleasure to know.

carol, what about (diluted) bleach? that's what eradicates mold. the pro's use it.

tana, excellent job. i love that wicker look. and by the way, just from my observing the pics you posted, i put something in the mail to you.

my pup is something else. he ate a dog toy and has been puking it up for the last couple days. i was wondering what happened to it. i feel bad for him - both ends having to deal with disposing of it. thank God it was soft flexible rubber. i'll have to be careful to buy the harder plastic or some other type of toy. he loves the squeak and makes it his mission to dislodge them, then he's done with the toy. this time, he ate it, the little freak.

gloria, underwear, swimsuits and bridal dresses -- no return, no refund, no exchange. sell it on e-bay or an upscale consignment shop, it will go.

mary s - in a heartbeat the biggest problem i would like to have with my 23 year old is that he wanted to quit college. my kid is a real piece of work - a heartache and a heartbreak. i'm beyond "hanging in there".

angie, i have used those pellets in the past. my only problem was that i used them to winter sow, and that was flat out stupid. when i used them the right way, i had no problems.

we had some snow, nothing real significant, but it was finally winter the last few days. i think we are having more winter. the last few weeks, a sweathshirt sufficed.

if i didn't mention you, i did think of you :)

be well all, goodnight.


    Bookmark   January 16, 2006 at 9:52PM
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meghan_in_ms(z7/8 MS)

Hi all

Thank u so much for the prayers.

And now time to vote!
and me Meghan.

Say yes and put name...


    Bookmark   January 17, 2006 at 1:47AM
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Maryanne-I could not get straight after reading about your puppy eating his toy. Tears rolled down my face from giggling. You are a mess girl. I love reading your posts.
MY DH had a bull dog that ate his wood dog house. Honestly he did. We found him dead and I told DH he probably died from a splinter punture. The dog had to have been mental.

Thanks for the prayers for my niece. They are still concerned about her neck. Hope she gets to come home soon.

Meghan-Sorry about your kitten. Loved the pictures of you and Cody. Thanks for posting them.


    Bookmark   January 17, 2006 at 8:29AM
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I use the jiffy starter packs in the dome trays all the time for seed starting, they work great and I have never had any damping off when I used them all my seeds survive. You just gotta get the light right or the seedlings tend to get leggy.

Ohhhhh I just love surprises! Awfully sweet of you. I just love the wicker look. Wish it showed up better in the pics. My house was built in 1939 and the wicker looks like a really old wicker chair. Really matches the age of the house I think without making it feel old. Everyone that has seen it thinks its wallpaper. LOL

Wheres those pics girl, can't wait to see the red room! Bet it looks gorgeous.


    Bookmark   January 17, 2006 at 9:07AM
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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Howdy all! It's granny Barb here, oldest of the TD coots.

Why do I have to log on as a member here now? Even wickedcoolstuff.com remembers me from my email address. I've been visiting with you all by email cuz I thought you were all chatting away there to bypass GW new confused state. Gee I sure missed a lot!

BTW I'm fine. I've dealt with paraplegia for 55 years and even a nasty surgery won't stop me, tho I may be off my feed and so on for awhile. Life goes on, and I enjoy most of it, you all especially, most of the time. I hope I can stay and watch the fun, even if I can't do up boxes while I recover. Very comforting to have friends around while healing.

And they may not want to operate after all. In which case, I'll be permanently slowed down. If so, you are still a lovely bunch of gardener types to hang out with. I'll keep you posted. The deciding appt. with surgeon #2 is Feb. 3.

Wow, I'm so behind! Greenhouses and businesses, kids and grandkids with good news and not so good, daylilies and orchids, kitchens and chocolate! I'm paying attention here.

The brugs are growing in their pots, out of the cellar, but I did lose my favorite, Yellow Wedding Bells. The 2 cuttings I kept just screamed, rotted and passed away. I never plan to collect them, tho; all I want is a modest brug forest beside the knifophias. Doesn't matter if half of them are the same. That's the joy of lotsa land. I'll never fill it all up!

Our old friend of 30 years M was here for the weekend. He's recovering from open heart surgery last Aug. and the change in him is phenomenal! He's lost 50 lbs., he's happy and agile, all rosy and the twinkle is back in his eye! He about drove us mad picking arguments over politics before. Now he tells silly jokes again! Wore me out, tho.

Deni I looked up your illness. It's like my everlasting nerve pain, but with some added bonuses just to keep you guessing. You get a lot done despite. Terrific.

What is going on in everybody's ponds? Are the fish ok with all this nutty weather? I think we should all post our animal pictures nefore Jan is over, as part of the Jan swap theme.

Any hints on keeping raccoons out of suet feeders? It is already hoisted quite a ways up a tree. They climb, then hang on the feeder and pull everything down with them.

And during this animally time, I just have to say it out loud, corner nothwithstanding: I REALLY LIKE FROGS A LOT! TOADS TOO! I do. DD Sara had an enormous toad she called Frank she used to kiss on the lips. We told her not to, but you all have kids and know how much they listen sometimes. Ol' Frank got so used to it he'd just hang there, with his legs dangling; he was about 7" long from lips to toes. Wish I'd taken a picture!

Next time I'll be all caught up and post something more germane...

hugs all around


    Bookmark   January 17, 2006 at 10:02PM
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