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mgleason56(Michigan 5b)April 19, 2008


In May I am presenting a seiminar on rooting florist roses, to a rose society here in Michigan. I want to hand out some written steps on the process of rooting roses in general, and would like permission to print out your instructions. I do things a little different than you teach, but the differences are small, and it was just items I changed after experimentation (ie coco coir instead of sunshine mix).

Please let me know if this is alright with you.


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You cannot copyright an idea. I think it would be courteous to award George the mojo, but he doesn't own how to propagate roses, any more than you own the knowledge of how to tie your shoes. George does this as a public service, anyway.

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mgleason56(Michigan 5b)

But if I am going to his website and copying his written instructions for my use, then I should ask before doing.

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george_mander(5 to 6)

Hello mgleason56,
Yes you have my permission OK. As long as you give credit where you got the info from.

I have so little time to check or go to this forum and just by accident found your call.
On April 7th my wife Ingrid passed away after a seven year fight with bone cancer.
Have her Memorial Service May 5th and 3 of us are going to Hawaii in June to take her ashes to her chosen place on the BIG Island.

Will not jump right back into Hybridizing and instead travel the world for a year. I am worn out after 7 years of care giving.
Good luck to all of you with your own root rose propagation.

George Mander

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mgleason56(Michigan 5b)

Sorry for your loss.

Of course I will give credit since without your help I would never have achieved the success rates I have.

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Dear George Mander,
May you be wrapped in loving care and concern
and find comfort and peace of mind.
Love to you and your family.

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bloomorelse(Z4b NB Canada)

Dear George,
Although I am a new poster in this rose forum, I have recently read all your interesting information. My thoughts are with you and your family in this difficult time of your life. May you enjoy your year of travel.


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jannie(z7 LI NY)

Dear George Mander, Sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you for all your rose advice in the past. Sincerely, Janice Pfaus

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OHHH George,i am so Sorry for your loss!! God bless you and your family!! Medo

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My best wishes for you and your family. So sorry to hear about your loss, my condolences. Your work is greatly appreciated by all in the community.

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george_mander(5 to 6)

Thank you very much dear rose friends for you kind words.

After 7 years of hundreds of short trips, just doctors, blood tests, chemo and radiation, hospital stay for Ingrid and the last 4 months of care home, coming back to an empty house I am worn out and have to get away for a while. Below a copy of emails I wrote to many of my rose friends in the last few days.

Thank you very much for your condolences.
The Memorial service is on May 5th.
We are off to Hawaii on June 8th to spread her ashes at her favorite place.

End of July I am off to England & Holland to deliver bud-wood of some of my newer varieties in person.
Then 5 to 6 weeks Germany. Back home early Sept.

Oct/Nov 08 off again, this time down south to Texas, Oklahoma and all the states in between.
Jan. 09 back to Hawaii with my rose & hybridizer friend Brad Jalbert, owner of Select Roses 30 miles east of Vancouver, who wants to honor Ingrid at her final resting place. He can only go in the winter when his nursery is closed for the season.

March/April 2009 just visiting, for rose shows in the S. States.
May 2009 back to Hawaii again with my son for Ingrid's birthday.

Of course, in June 2009 I will have to stay home for the WFRS in Vancouver just 20 miles from home.

That's more than a whole year of plans, as long as I stay fit and healthy. The only medication I take is eye drops.

At least we have the Mini-Flora rose 'Ingrid' with the same color as my 'Glowing Amber'. Many rosarians in Canada, the USA and in Germany are now growing the 'Ingrid' rose.
Check out my 'Ingrid' Gallery on my web-site's "Gallery Page" Link below.
Warm regards


Here is a link that might be useful: George Mander's Rose Gallery

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