Wanted- William Shakespeare 2000 rooted

dan1465_z7nj(Z7 NJ)April 1, 2009

I picked up 3 William Shakespeare 2000's last year but, lost 2 of them over the winter. I need to replace both of them. I'm offering a generous portion of both Sedum 'Angelina and Sedum 'reflexum' and/or what ever else you might like. I've been moving plants around and no longer need them.

Also, I have other plants on my trade list. Some are ready for exchange and others not quite yet as it's early in the season. My roses are just starting to leaf out so cuttings aren't available yet.

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Patented, patented, patented. This rose is not to be traded as cuttings, rooted or otherwise or you violate the patent. Sorry. If you want to replace them you will have to buy them.

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dan1465_z7nj(Z7 NJ)

Huh? I didn't say anything about cuttings or having someone root them for me. I'm asking to trade with someone that purchased the Rose and no longer needs it. I'm not sure but, I believe my Sedum 'Angelina' is also patented because they were advertised as new plants when I bought them 3 years ago. I did, I bought them. Now, I no longer need these plants as I bought too many.
What would be illegal about tradeing plants when both parties purchased them? Surely this can't be illegal.

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Your original post did not indicate that you were soliciting for LEGAL purchased copies of this rose from people who no longer wanted their copy. If you don't specifically make that distinction, it is going to be assumed that you are requesting that someone root cuttings of their plant to trade with you, which is a violation of the patent.

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dan1465_z7nj(Z7 NJ)

So now your saying that we must always put in our postings that we are only soliciting LEGALLY purchased copies of the plant? That's just Hogwash. This is the Rose Propagation and ALSO Exchange Forum. I'm attempting to make an honest exchange. Next time, DON'T ASSUME.

Are you one of the Rose Police? Can I please have your Badge number now? Most people don't appreciate being pulled over for no good reason. Have a nice day Officer! I'm driving away now.

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The following is a direct quote from the Garden Web page about terms and conditions for use of this exchange forum:

"Trading of patented material is unlawful and is strictly forbidden. "

That is from the URL below. Have a nice day.

Here is a link that might be useful: See bottom of page, instructions list.

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I don't have the rose you're looking for, but I do wish you lots of luck.
I do have a Maggie rose that I'm hoping to propagate this year...plus a Gertrude Jekyll....if you have some cuttings of Abe Darby I have some beautiful purple iris (Earl of Essex) blooms 2x...also have antique iris (Lady Quaker)...beautiful scent.

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dan1465_z7nj(Z7 NJ)

I'm sorry but, my Roses here in New Jersey have just barely started to leaf out so cuttings aren't yet avalable. It would be quite awhile.

Although that Maggie Rose and those Iris's sound great, I presently don't have anymore room for another Rose other than the 2 William 2000's that I need. Also, I started with 2 patches of Iris's and now have 6. I'm pretty much Irised out over here. Try the regular Plant Exchange, I'm sure you'll find a few takers. Thanks anyhow, Dan

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