Who's stealing my rose flowers

debbysunshine(san diego)April 26, 2008

I've written before but everyday I see more flowers gone in the morning and this is in the well fenced backyard. I have the most beautiful Intrigue Rose that has met it's demise for five years and finally I had a nice bush growing many stems and leaves and just looked out and only the center branch is left. This is in a large pot with mature roses all around and plenty of bars of soap. My feelings are crushed and would be truly broken if not for the rest of my gardens. Does anyone have a great suggestion to keep the birds off my rose because with all the nests here and there in my garden that's all I can figure so far. Have tried hot chile powder, cridder ridder, liquid fence which might help who knows ?

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Its likely Deer, and soap will do NOTHING to deter them. (Neither will human hair, or urine, etc..these are all just popular myths) Either Liquid Fence or a real fence is the solution.

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So far I have been trying a home made concoction. I mix up one beaten egg, a splash of milk or yogurt, one garlic clove minced and add about a half gallon of water. I let it sit for awhile and then water my plants with it outside. It stinks like wet dog hair to me, but so far it has been keeping the deer from eating my plants that I put it on. It must work because I had forgotten to put it on some lilies I have and they were chomped down to the ground!

The only downside is you have to reapply right after a rain. I don't take any chances and apply it every few days. I'm sick of deer and rabbits devouring all my plants year after year. I used to have 15 new roses, now after 7 years I have like 4, and some are rootstock. I can totally empathize how you feel!

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