Anyone want some Hips? SASBE

spicymeadow(6/Canyon, TX)April 16, 2008

I was just given a Yellow Simplicity and a Magic Blanket by a friend who is cleaning out her garden.

These 2 roses each had some hips on them if any one is interested.

The small ones are from the Magic Blanket and the 2 larger ones are from the Yellow Simplicity.

I don't really know anything about hips, but I thought if someone could use them then they wouldn't go to waste!

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brenda_c(Hugo, Okla. 7b)

Hi spicymeadow I would like to have the rose hips yellow simplicity and magic blanket. Please send me your address so I can send a SASBE. Thanks Brenda

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Hi Spiseymeadow! I would love to have some hips also if there are enough to go around.AThanks for the kind offer. Please semd contact info.Mine is listed with garden web,will send SASBE as soon as possible.
Thank you. Gladys

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spicymeadow(6/Canyon, TX)

Just a heads up... all of the hips have been spoken for...

Thanks so much!

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