Gooseberry Growers Raise Your Hands

Mcfrank(5 MT)July 8, 2004

I've always loved them, but have only eaten the green ones. Went to go pick up some potting soil and of course had to wander about. Ran across a nice sized "Hinnonmaeki Red" Gooseberry and after tasting a few decided I had to have one. Any of you growing this variety, and if so, what do you think of it? Advice? Do the thorns keep the birds away?


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Nothing keeps the birds out of the gooseberries. They got my whole crop this year. Next year I will try netting.

I have never grown the variety that you bought, but they sound interesting. I do not know the variety that I have, but they are very good and they do turn red. I brought them from Oregon years ago.

Good luck on your new gooseberries.

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paul98037(WA7Puget Sound)

Damn catipilars are getting mine. I haven't had the time to spray them this year. A small green catipaliar likes them alot.

What do you use?

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I was gifted a few bushes last year. They have grown spectacularly. From mere sticks last summer to full on fantastic! Sadly, I haven't had any berries. I did have some blooms this year but my guess is that I will have to wait til next year?

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cnetter(z5 Co)

This year I got ALOT of gooseberries. usually they get ripe just as I leave to go out of town for two weeks and the birds get them. But this year they were late and I got enough for several pies and crisps.

I have no idea what kind mine are, but they get big and purple and are sweet to eat.

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Mcfrank(5 MT)

Thanks for the reports; mine has grown nearly twice the size since I planted it, but alas, no berries this year. It had lots of flowers, which were looking great when we had a late hard freeze. Maybe that's why no fruit, or perhaps its not getting enough sun, or unseen bugs..... I planted it where it gets some sun, but not a half days worth. I read that in hot summer areas, they like some shade. I'm wondering if I should move it in the spring?


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Betz11(8 UT)

My gooseberries are in full sun. Our temps go from -0 in the winter to +115 in the summer. Have never had problems with insects of any kind. I have fruit every year unless the birds beat me to them like they did this year.

My plants are over 20 years old and came from Oregon with no name.

I love the jelly made from them, but not the jam. I do make pies, but have never heard of Gooseberry Crisp.

cnetter...could you send me your recipe?

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I have several different varieties of gooseberries that I have grown successfully for years in zone 4 at 8500'. My favorite is 'Hinnomaki Gold'. They are delicious eaten fresh off the bush--similar to green grapes. Much larger fruit than many varieties. Gooseberries will handle quite a bit of shade at our high-altitude. Remember, you'll only get fruit from the one, two, and three-year old branches, so prune accordingly! I've had very good luck with the gooseberries I've purchased online from Raintree Nursery.

Here is a link that might be useful: Raintree Nursery

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I have very fond memories of eating green Gooseberries right off the bush in Denmark. Wondering if I could grow them in North Carolina, I did some research and found Raintree Nursery. However their site says Gooseberries are "prohibited in N.C." Can anyone tell me why this is? Are they considered invasive or something?

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I was curious when I saw your post, NC gal, so I checked and apparently itÂs because of something called White Pine Blister Rust. Copied this from a NC document I found:


MATERIALS REGULATED: All wild and cultivated currant and gooseberry plants (Ribes spp.).

RESTRICTIONS: The sale, growing, or planting of currants and gooseberries in North Carolina is prohibited.

And thereÂs a link below to a Michigan site that tells about the White Pine Blister Act of 1929! Michigan is another state that prohibits themÂalong with several New England states and a few others.

Guess you wonÂt be growing gooseberrries too soon,

Here is a link that might be useful: White Pine Blister Act of 1929!

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