thornless rose?

kizzyseeds(Z7b VA)April 18, 2005

Is there such a thing as a thornless rose? If so, does anyone have one? plmk


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oldblush(8a, MS)

There are many. I have Reine des Violettes, Marie Pavie. Others that come to mind are Zhirine Drouhin, Climbing Pinkie.

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drasaid(zone 8)

Alfred Colomb (Hybrid Perpetual, Lacharme, 1865)
Archiduchesse Elizabeth d'Autriche
Banksiae Alba
Banksiae Banksiae
Banksiae Lutea
Banksian Yellow
Berries 'n' Cream
Berries 'n' Cream, Cl.
Calypso (Climber, Poulsen, 1998)
Carousel (Kordes)
Cécile Brunner
Champion of the World
Charles Bonnet (Bourbon, Bizot, 1868)
Charles Lefèbvre
Climbing Berries 'n' Cream
Cologne (Grandiflora, McGredy, 1998)
Constellation (Miniature, Saville, 1999)
Cornelia (Hybrid Musk, Pemberton, 1925)
Doris Bennett
Dream (Hybrid Tea, Kordes, 1979)
Dupuis Jamain
Ecstasy (Hybrid Tea, Kordes, 1994)
Evergreen Multiflora
Fair Jewel
First Gold
Fortuné Besson
George Arends
Gloire Lyonnaise
Impératrice Élisabeth d'Autriche
Iowa Belle
Kathleen Harrop
La Reine
Lady Banks Rose
Lady Banks White
Lady Banks Yellow
Lady Banks' Rose
Limelight (Hybrid Tea, Strickland, 1996)
Linda Campbell
Little Pinkie
Madame Brosse (Hybrid Perpetual, Lacharme, 1865)
Madame Cécile Brunner
Madame de Graw
Madame Jeanne Balandreau
Madame Victor Verdier
Madame Victor Verdier
Mademoiselle Cécile Brünner
Mademoiselle Cécile Brunner
Maltese Rose
Marguerite Bressac (Hybrid Perp., Lacharme, 1861)
Marguerite Guillard
Marshall P. Wilder (syn. for 'Alfred Colomb')
Memory (Hybrid Tea, Kordes)
Mercedes® (Floribunda, Kordes, 1974)
Mme Jeanne Balandreau
Mme. Brosse (Hybrid Perpetual, Lacharme, 1865)
Mme. Cécile Brunner
Mme. de Graw
Monsieur Victor Verdier
Moonlight (Hybrid Tea, Kordes)
Mrs. de Graw
Mrs. DeGraw
Mrs. John Laing
Naina® (Hybrid Tea, Kordes, 1998)
Nancy Gardiner
Neige d'Avril
Patricia Lewis
Paul Jamain
Paul Néron
Paul Neyron
People's Princess
Reine des Francais (synonym 'La Reine')
Reine des Violettes
Roberta (synonym for 'Heritage')
Rose de la Reine (Hybrid Perp., Laffay, 1842)
Rosier de Lady Banks
Saint Patrick (Hybrid Tea, Strickland, 1996)
Sandra '99
Scarlett O'Hara (HT, Christensen & Carruth, 1987)
Silky Mist
Smooth Prince
Smooth Romance
Snowdance (Interplant)
Souv. de Madame Jeanne Balandreau
Souv. de Mme Jeanne Balandreau
Souvenir de Jeanne Balandreau
Souvenir de Jeanne Balandreau
Souvenir de Madame Jeanne Balandreau
Souvenir de Mme Jeanne Balandreau
Souvenir du Docteur Jamain
Souvenir du Docteur Jamain
Souvenir du Dr. Jamain
St. Patrick
Super Bowl
Superb Tuscan
Superb Tuscany
Sweet Honey®
Sweetheart Rose
Tall Poppy
The Autumnal Centifolia
The Banksian Rose
The Sweetheart Rose
The Velvet Rose
Thornless Purple
Thornless Rose
Tickled Pink (Hybrid Tea, Schuurman, 1995)
Tuscany Superb
Ulrich Brunner
Ulrich Brunner Fils
Vick's Caprice
Victor Verdier (Hybrid Perpetual, Lacharme, 1859)
and of course that wonderful mauve
Zéphirine Drouhin
This list was cut and pasted from HelpMeFind roses.

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rosyone(z8 north Louisiana)

Crépuscule, Gilbert Nabonnand, Marie Daly.

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kizzyseeds(Z7b VA)

Ohmygosh! There are so many, thorns and I don't get along. I'm looking for a thornless climber for an arbor. Does anyone have one of those to trade?

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faerieannette(z7 MD)


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drasaid(zone 8)

Several other blood suckers come to mind as well.

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The Peggy martin Rose is thornless and a climber. check it out on

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strawchicago 5a IL(zone 5a)

Kim Rupert's climbing rose for a warm zone, and shrub for a cold zone is Annie Laurie McDowell, it's 100% thornless, even more so than Paul Neyron. It's the best smelling rose I know of, smell like lavender and lilacs, beat all my 15 Austins. It blooms like mad, drought, and disease-resistant.

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Here is a video of my thornless rose, in Greece.
Just copy and paste the following link:

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'Mrs. Dudley Cross' is a beautiful ivory-yellow Tea rose that shows all the 'exquisite delicacy" of bloom shape, that its' class is famous for, ,for those of you who live in warm climates, which Old Garden Tea roses must have. My plant has not a single prickle. It is in full bloom today, on February 8th.
I greatly desire Kims' rose, 'Annie Laurie McDowell, a rose that I've heard from several folks that is evergreen and has smooth canes.


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