Insecticide soap

b2alicia(zone 5 Westminster)July 21, 2010

How often should I apply it?

Before, or after, regular watering?

Better after sunset? or in the morning?

Does it matter how much per plant? I have a gallon sprayer.

I've never done this before, so it's all new to me. I'm also a newbie at growing vegetables . But I would hate to lose my squash plants.

I have read everything I could find, but did not see any answers to the above questions.

Thank you.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi B2,

IÂve been too busy to post, but I did look at your pics, and after I did I noticed that both my squash and my cukes, which are side by side, have what appears to be the same thing you do. I think I may have had some of that every year, but I was never really paying that much attention, so IÂm not sure. Mine look much more "affected" than yours do. Took a pic, but donÂt have any idea when I might have time to download it or post it! Probably long after it would be helpful for you.

IÂm not telling you to not do anything, but IÂve never done anything to try to "cure" it on my plants, and I donÂt intend to do anything this yearÂeven if I did have time. As long as the plants seem to be growing ok, I just kind of go with the flow! Chances are your squash leaves are gonna have powdery mildew before too long anywayÂand thatÂs gonna make them look a lot worse than the little spots you have now. About the only thing I do do with my squash is to cut off the old lower leaves when they start to yellow or when theyÂre starting to get mildew. IÂve cut off most of the leaves at times in the past, and it doesnÂt seem to affect their ability to produce squash at allÂas near as I can tell. They seem to have the ability to regrow new leaves at an absolutely miraculous rate!

If youÂre going to reapply the spray, I donÂt have any idea how often it would be best, maybe somebody else will have some recommendations. Did the first spray seem to make any difference at all on the new growth? IÂm just not sure all your effort is going to net you very much, and since theyÂll be freezing in a couple months, IÂm guessing theyÂll be ok "on their own" for the rest of the summer. Now, if I had a problem with perennials, IÂd be more interested in figuring out what was wrong and finding a way to fix it since they come back the next year.

ItÂs easy to over-worry when you youÂre just starting to grow somethingÂveggies or anything else. YouÂre so excited and watching so closely that you notice things that youÂll probably "get used to" in a few years, and wonÂt even pay any attention to them. Not saying you shouldnÂt keep an eye on things to be sure theyÂre doing ok, and I donÂt think IÂll ever get unexcited about watching things grow, especially in early spring when I get into "a watched pot (plant) never boils (grows)" mode and IÂm out in the yard 20 times a day to see "if anythingÂs grown any more!" But when you first see what looks like it might be a problem, go inside, meditate for a while, and then go back to look and reevaluate what the problem is, and if maybe itÂs not really as bad as it looked when you first saw it and freaked out. (Yeah, I still freak out about things too!) It might save you a lot of worry.

Just my thoughts on the subject! Now if you decide to not spray anymore, and all your squash plants decide to lay down and die on you, IÂm gonna feel bad! :-)

I really do think theyÂll...

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Dan Staley

Early morning or late evening, every third-fourth day, thoroughly wet the lvs both sides.


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b2alicia(zone 5 Westminster)

Thanks, Skybird!

Thanks, Dan!

I'll go do it right now! (7:40 am)

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