woody64(5a)April 5, 2009

hey friends,Iam really new ti this,greener than green but was wondering when and how to take clippings to get new roses.I have several rose bushes and wanted to grow a few more by way of clippings,or grafting or some way else that will get new roses.thanks

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cut (on a slant) a section about 6"long just 1/2" under a grouping of 3-5 leaves. the wood should not be too soft or too hard. remove or trim excess leaves . make a hole in SAND you have put in a container with drain holes. dip cutting end in water then in rooting hormone. stick the cutting in the hole about 2" into sand. press sand snug around stem. keep cutting and sand good and moist at all times. mist the cutting 2-3 times a day. indirect sunlight. out of wind. do not disturb for nearly 6 weeks. DO NOT PULL OUT OF SAND. lift it from the bottom and be careful with the new tender roots. enjoy. works for me.

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This is a better method and they should root easily from cuttings. Check out to see a nearly fool-proof method for propagating roses from cuttings. With this method you can root just about anything. Hope this helps. What roses do you have?. Would you like to trade some cuttings? I have yellow lady bank roses for cuttings.Good luck and may GOD bless you and yours and the USA while we still have one.

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