Never ordering from Reimer Seeds again!

pepperhead212(6b / S Jersey)October 24, 2005

Here's a warning to those planning their garden for next season: While I used to order from Reimer Seeds, the last two years I (and many others) have had major problems with the seeds I bought there. I had two varieties with 0% germination, 3 types with low germination rates, 4 varieties that were not what they said they were, and, though I didn't even try this year since I will never deal with them again, very rude customer service employees last year, who were all but telling me it was all my fault. I don't know if somebody bought them out and the quality took a nosedive as a result, or what caused it, but I just figured I would warn all of you pepper lovers out there.


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Sorry you didn't know about them long before now and had to get burned. This info has been out for a long time and I am surprised they still have any customers.

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Do a search on this site for "reimers".

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pepperhead212(6b / S Jersey)

Last year was the first bad year I had with them, and only ordered from them again because I had a large refund check from them. Though they may do that again, and refund my money (only if I order from them), it wouldn't be worth it.

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Go figure!

Scroll to you know what...

Here is a link that might be useful: Watchdog

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lil_rhody(z6b RI coast)

Ahhh...once bitten...

If you were able to see the GW archives dating back a couple of years, you would see that I was the first person on this forun to blow the whistle on Reimer's, then others followed.
Some members here were dis-believers and had to find out for themselves.
It's too bad, a company that lures in sales by offering the largest selection (IMO) only to turn around and ship garbage seeds. They could have been the pinacle of pepper seed sales on the net but they chose to blame their buyers for germination problems generated by them.

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> If you were able to see the GW archives dating back a couple of years...

Here is a link that might be useful: wayback

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shelbyguy(z5 IL)

Count myself as another who was burned my Reimer, their non-viable seed, and their piss-poor customer service.

I was enticed by the variety available, but I guess it doesn't matter when the seed won't germinate...

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They advertise things I am interested in but I have never ordered from them because of all I read about them. This one thread is a tiny sample of the complaints. The tomato people are not happy either. What a shame.

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On Dave's Graden Web site Reimer Seeds has a terrible ranking - 4 times more negatives feedback than positives ones. You have to work hard to disappoint this many people. They are a terrible company. I ordered from them two weeks ago, when I wrote to inquire it took tw days to answer me and now they say it ws shipped last night. I'll never again buy anything from Reimer Seeds.

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Argggh! I just ordered from them last week! Wish I had asked about them first. Good thing I only ordered two packets. Now I know not to ever order from them again. I usually order from Johnny's, but they didn't have rice seeds. Well, I guess I'll see what happens. Anyone know of a good place to get unusual varieties not carried by Johnny's or Burpee?

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always happy to enable ; )

Here is a link that might be useful: Here be Dragons

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This was my first & last year for ordering from Reimer. Very bad germination on the peppers & tomatoes. I have plants that are just now emerging after being planted 5 weeks ago. A lot of the seed never did germinate. I've also got stuff growing that looks more like wild lettuce or dandelions than peppers or tomatoes This really threw my gardening schedule off.

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I ordered peter pepper seeds from reimer, none germinated.
I sent them an e-mail (they have no phone listed) and got no response, after 2 months of e-mails they sent me an reply, they said that no one else had any problems, it was just me!
well they had this little form to fill out about how I started the seeds, so they could test my technique. in the same day they sent me an e-mail saying my way was wrong! pepper seeds take 7-14 days to germinate some longer, yet they tested my way in 2-3 hours, and said it was my fault because no one else had any trouble.
If you buy any thing from Reimer seeds you are throwing your money away!

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Please note that Reimer's seeds should be avoided for ANY seed ordering, not just pepper seeds. I ordered cauliflower seeds and was shipped some type of broccolini or Romanescu type of variety and I've attempted to contact Reimer seeds more than 3 times in the past week with no response. I was once a satisfied customer like a number of other posters here who have had to learn the hard way that they are no longer a reputable source and apparently are committing alleged multiple fraud. I will be reporting them to the BBB, but that has already been done as well and they are surprisingly (NOT) NOT a member of the BBB.

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I ordered seeds (first time) from them before I saw this forum.

I actually have had good luck with them. I ordered a 20 pack of Chinese 5 color pepper seeds and they sent me close to 40 seeds. I started to germinate 10 seeds and all 10 of them germinated and sprouted.

Now after reading this, I hope the seeds turn out to be what I ordered

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For anyone still looking for sources for rare or unusual seeds - try Baker Creek Seeds. I used to live a few miles from them. They have lots of unusual seeds of good quality.

They're store link has become oddly difficult to find - I finally found it by going to the site map, so that's what I'll post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Baker Creek Seeds

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