New to roses - my seedlings

clarkii(4)April 3, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I'm an avid gardener, but am brand new to roses. I "borrowed" some rose hips from a friend's wedding arrangements last fall and have successfully grown about 30 seedlings. I had pictures originally posted over in the Name That Rose forum, and they said I should post some photos over here!

All of the roses started rooting in early/mid February, so they're about 8 weeks old now. Some are over 10" tall already, and others are still only 1". Each flower is so different from the others.

I'm enjoying watching them grow so much - this might be the start to a new addiction :)

My very first flower, started off greenish, but is all white when fully open and very fragrant:
From Unknown Rose From Unknown Rose

My second bloom, a pale pink flower with no fragrance:
From Unknown Rose From Unknown Rose

I have lots more buds, I'll post more pictures when they open.

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bugbite(z9a FL)

Hi Clarkii,
Are these all from seeds?
If so, you can name them anything you want, since it is highly unlikely that any will ever replicate the parent perfectly.
Name them after your friends or relatives and have fun with the new roses you created.
If these are from cuttings, then they should be true to the parent and you can't change the name.
If you find a brand new one you fall in love with, try to root it and give it out. Name it after yourself and hopefully your name will live on that way.
If one is truly earth shaking then you might be able to capitalize on it.

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All the roses were started from seed - so I'm having fun making up names for them. I've named my first bloom, the white one, "Lamb-Shaps" after the friend's wedding I took the hips from. The second one is now called "Dandy Lamby", again after my friend (whose last name is Lamb). Though with nearly 30 more seedlings, I'm going to have to get really creative with the names :)

I'm excited to see how they grow this summer. I've noticed all the exchanges on this forum and am looking forward to trading if a few turn out really well.

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bugbite(z9a FL)

Well you certainly have some nice ones. Test them out a season to see if they can survive diseases, etc.
I'm sure the Lambs will be very happy to get a rose which came from their wedding and that is named after them. :-)

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Please explain the procedure you use to grow the seedlings
Thank you

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

They look great! Love the 2nd picture the best - with the hint of green in the centre. Is the 3rd picture the same rose just more opened?

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Hi Carol - the third and fourth pictures are a separate seedling. The first plant produced the white flower, which started green, and has a wonderful fragrance. The second plant produced the pale pink flower. I thought the pink bloom didn't have fragrance, but after being open for a few days it smells very nice.

Remy - I cut open the fresh rose hips to get the seeds. I think I started with 130 seeds and have about 30 seedlings, so my success rate with these was 25%. I placed the fresh seeds into a small bowl with hydrogen peroxide (straight from the bottle, 3%), placed plastic wrap over the top of the liquid to keep the floating seeds in the liquid, and let sit overnight. I then placed the seeds onto a wet paper towel in a plastic bag in the fridge for about 3 months. I changed the paper towel every so often when it got really moldy. After 3 months I just noticed a few seeds (about 10) starting to sprout a root. I planted all the seeds into regular potting soil (miracle grow moisture control) about 1/2 inch. All the seeds that had sprouted in the fridge came up very quickly. Many of the other seeds started coming up after being planted - I have read that sometimes a rose seed needs a cold period and then to warm up before sprouting.

I had tried sprouting some seeds I collected from my Hope for Humanity roses last year, but none of them ever sprouted. I had the seeds in the fridge for nearly 6 months without any signs of roots, so I threw them away. I'm wondering if I had pulled them out to warm up if they would have sprouted. I just collected about 10 seeds yesterday from the Hope for Humanity to try again. They've just been through the winter, so I'm going to place the seeds with a wet paper towel (after the hydrogen peroxide soak) on top of my fluorescent grow lights where it stays nice and warm (this has worked for sprouting my tomatoes and peppers). We'll see what happens!

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Thanks for posting your seedling pictures- I just love it when folks do this!

Really like the shape of the petals on the third photo- very old-fashioned.

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Thank yo so much for explaining the method.

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seil zone 6b MI

They're really lovely! Keep us posted on how they do!

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Another seedling opened up yesterday, "Petite Cream". the bud was light green, but the flower opened cream-colored, has 5 petals, and a light fragrance. The plant itself has a ton of branching, so I'm expecting a very bushy plant. From Rose Seedlings

The whole seedling, Petite Cream: From Rose Seedlings

Most of my seedlings are getting quite tall, with minimal branching. I read some discussions on here about climbing habits, can you tell from young seedlings what the growth type will be? Here's a picture of one of the taller seedlings, in contrast to the bushy Petite Cream above: From Rose Seedlings

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I hate to break it to you, but with those leaves, I don't think your "Petite Cream" will stay very petite for long. :P

In the other post, you said that you hope that they aren't related to JFK because you're in zone 4. I wouldn't worry so much because these are "own root" and not grafted. That should give you a little more durability for your zone.

Another thing to consider, don't get very hung up on the names. I've heard that some hybridizers will go through hundreds or thousands of seeds before getting a rose to mass produce. Of your 30, you might get a few lemons, so save the special "Lamb" name for the gem. (I vote Lamb's Ears for a white fluffy blossom).

Do keep us posted. :D

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seil zone 6b MI

Since they're inside they may be stretching out to get more light. Once they're outside their growth habits may change. The colors could change too. A lot of mine were very pale when they bloomed inside under the lights but later, outside, they were a deeper shade. Until they're mature plants nothing is set in stone.

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I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself giving everyone names then.... we'll call these the beta names :)

Intris - I love love love the idea for one named "Lamb's Ears"! I'm hoping I'll have a plant that fits the bill. I have had one sad seedling die, but his leaves were pretty deformed from the start. I've also had a few deformed buds (under-developed petals) and one that looked great but never actually opened. I'm hoping they'll do better as they grow and get outside.

Though putting them outside may be much farther in the future than I thought, considering we're getting a foot of snow here in Minnesota today. I've been in such a spring mood, this is so disappointing. Good thing I have pretty roses to look at inside :)

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Do you have seeds to trade?

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