Hot Lemony Peppers and others

paschnuckies_gardenOctober 24, 2010

I have a lemony pepper plant that just went wild this summer after we planted it in the garden. Wasn't sure how to keep it over winter so I uprooted it before we had our first frost. I think that shocked the heck out of it because the leaves wilted and started dropping. I watered thinking it might solve my problems. It helped. Also put it under my UV light in my mudroom. It is obviously heading into dormancy. Wondering what I should do to keep it. Would love for it to come back next was VERY prolific this summer can't imagine what it's potential might be!

I also have a Brazilian starfish, hot portugal and 2 scotch bonnets I brought in that were in pots. Those are doing very well. The peppers are still ripening and they aren't showing signs of going into dormancy yet. Should I hold off on removing fruit and pruning until they do?

Does anyone have a link to a good step by step guide to pruning with pictures? I would hate to botch it up.


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Just do it. Trim the top and roots back. You can't hardly go wrong. Give them some light (a window is enough to keep them alive) and water when dry. They're survivors!

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

Maybe next year you should grow it in a big pot, so you can
over winter it again. Sounds like it may be a lemon drop pepper.

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