Advice on finding yellow rose

hawkladyApril 25, 2006

I am looking to aquire either an own root plant or sucker off of a Harrison's Yellow rose. Does anyone know of an online nursery that sells it, or of someone who would be willing to supply one? I'd happily pay for time, postage, etc. I've just had a hard time finding this rose, despite the fact that 'everyone' seems to have it! Thanks, hope to hear from you...

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another way is to get a bare root plant...then after a few months, root some cuttings

i did it with my dortmund, sally holmes, zephirine droughn (?spelling)

that way you can have your own root rose with a few extra in case something happens(like you step in the wrong area)

or you can just plant all of them and have one huge yellow show after a few years

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Check out and search for a rose to see potential vendors. Rogue Valley Roses shows it in stock.

Here is a link that might be useful: Harrison's Yellow at Rogue Valley Roses

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

It's a nasty thing to root, by all accounts. That's why it's a nasty thing to find own-root. Once you know that, it's your call whether it is worth the bother, or whether you just order it from Pickering next spring.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

I'm curious, is it hard to root? I thought I was reading this was the one the pioneers took starts of and planted when they got out west.

If you can't track down a place to buy it perhaps you could post on the exchange forum. If you have something to trade, maybe someone who has one at home wouldn't mind digging up a rooted sucker or sending cuttings for you to try.

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Thanks for all your help. High Country is sold out, couldn't find it on Pickering, and as bad as I want it, I can't bring myself to pay the Rogue Valley prices ($25 per plant plus about 25.00 shipping 'cause only the 5 gallon size is left, plus an $8 exra charge).
I may have to wait until next spring and try earlier to get a band size. I wouldn't mind trading, but while I have many common northern roses, they are mostly only two or three years old. I do have a suckering antique white rose, prolific tiny bomb blossoms, tiny leaves, once bloomer, that is nice. I saved suckers from a giant cemetary bush (6'X6' wide) the year before they mowed 'er down. And three pink once-bloomers, one big blossom one was my grandmothers and one is a wild tiny bomb pink growing everywhere as thickets in northern Maine. I have like 50 babies in my front yard corner every year. (I mow them LOL!) Another a pink rugosa type ?(not Hansa, less petals) that I have dubbed the rose that won't die, as I have been ripping up suckers for three years from hidden roots where I tried to kill it off to make room for steps. Unfortunately, I do not know the names of these. All are zone 2 or 3.
Anyway, thanks for your help in my search! I do appreciate it...

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I transplanted about 6 (suckers) from the garden of a lady who gave them to me about 3 weeks ago now. They have all turned yellow and look sick and almost dead. I'm going to leave them in and see if they sprout shoots from the roots (if there are any and if they haven't rotted) next spring.

In the meantime, I'm going to get some rose hips before they shrivel, do like a post I read, put them in the freezer until next May in a ziplock bag, take them out, cut the hips open, put them in water, skim off the ones that float, then plant the seeds.

See recent discussion on this in the OGR forum. I started the thread, didn't know it was one r in Harison.

The lady I got them from said she has never had any success rooting them from cuttings.

I think we might not gotten enough roots when we dug mine and also, although we planted them right away, we watered the hole which made a soupy mess. Won't do that again, will water after planted and hole filled in, carefully pressing loose but not soupy soil around the roots. Also I had to keep sprinkling them because there are seeds coming up around them and the gound cakes there by evening until something gets established to keep more moisture on the surface soil. It's ok down deeper.

I'm also sending away for some soil samples, got a kit from my local extension office. The area had been planted with old yews which we finally pulled out while still healthy, just tired of them, and not even weeds seemed to want to grow there for the last 10 years until this year. My son did spray some places with chemical that stops all growth for 5 years and spread cocoa mulch, but not where I planted the roses, I don't think. I don't think poisoning the soil like that is a good idea. There is also a nearby clump of birches which is taking nutrients from the soil, but the grass all around the huge clump seems healthy and verdant.

The extension agent said he felt that after 10 years, most of the acid or other toxic byproducts from the yew, if any, should have leached out of the soil by now, and it's been closer to 15 years perhaps, can't remember what year we did that.

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I ordered one this year from Mary's Plant Farm outside of Cincinnati. It was much larger than I expected and is putting out dozens of blooms. She is out for 2006, but you may be able to order early for next spring.

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