Pictures to go with Fall Swap 2009 thread!

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoAugust 7, 2009

Hi all,

I got busy this afternoon (after the 1 4/10ths inches of rain I got in 20 minutes!) and potted up some of the things Ill be bringing to the swap. HereÂs what I have so far.

7 Campanula persicifolia, Peachleaf Campanula

Campanula persicifolia, Peachleaf Bellflower, 24-36" X 18", Full sun to part shade, lavender, Jun-Jul, z3

Will bloom for a LONG time if individual flowers are deadheadedÂbut thatÂs a VERY labor intensive job!

From Garden - 2009 thru June

1 Lamium maculatum, ÂPink PewterÂ

Lamium maculatum ÂPink PewterÂ, 8" X 18"+, Shade to sun, light pink, May-Aug, z3

Will rebloom once or twice over summer if sheared after each bloom.

From Garden - 2009 thru June

6 Alcea rosea, hollyhock  most likely some shade of pink!

Alcea rosea - mixed colors, single hollyhock, 60" X 24", Full sun, mixed, Jun-Sep, z4

This is technically a biennial, but mine always develop new plants at the base that bloom the next year. Also reseed very easily.

From Gardening

7 Acanthus hungaricus, BearÂs Breeches  I just dug up the 7th one from under my deck stairs today! ÂTwo are already spoken for!

Acanthus hungaricus (balcanicus), BearÂs Breeches, 24-36" X 24", Sun or shade, Lavender, Jul-Aug, z5. Thistle-like foliage is soft to the touch, but flower spikes have sharp spines. Reseeds some From Garden - Summer 2008

From Garden - Summer 2008

From Garden - Summer 2008

7 Ajuga reptans ÂChocolate Chip This is the smallest Ajuga  it grows very densely, and will tolerate some foot traffic.

Ajuga reptans ÂChocolate ChipÂ, 3-4" X 18"+, Sun or shade, Lavender, May-Jun, z3.

Miniature bugleweed, evergreen, will continue to spread if in contact with soil, spreads on surface so controllable. Bronzy-green foliageÂcolor deepens with more sun. Smallest variety of Ajuga.

From Garden - 2009 July to Fall

From Garden - 2009 thru June

3 Ajuga reptans ÂBlack ScallopÂ

From Garden - 2009 July to Fall

5 Anemone sylvestris, Snowdrop Anemone

Anemone sylvestris, Snowdrop anemone, 12 X 24, Shade to sun, white, May-Jun, z4

Wonderful long lasting cutflowers. Spreads by underground runners, but near the surface, so easy to control. Also reseeds if not deadheaded promptly. Seedheads are good for dried arrangements.

From Garden - 2009 thru June

5 Agastache foeniculum, I donÂt have a picture of this one, and itÂs not real pretty as an ornamental, but it has the most amazingly anise scented leaves you can get. ItÂs the straight species, herb form of Agastache.

Agastache foeniculum, Anise Hyssop, Licorice Mint, 24-36" X 24", Sun, Lavender, Jul-Aug, z5

Herb, strong licorice scent, use for teas and in baking, flowers and leaves edible. Reseeds prolifically.

IÂll be back later with more, but is there anybody who wants any of these things earmarked for them?

If anybody else knows what theyÂll be bringingÂor hope to be bringing, please post it here (with or without pictures) so others can have a chance to say if they want something. Earmarking now is ok, but once we actually get to the swap, thereÂs no "early picking!"


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ginnytrcka(z5 CO)

I could use some lamium and the agastache sounds lovely. I'm not sure if I will be able to be so organized to get photos up.

I do have lots of chives and several types of thyme--these just go crazy and they are the first thing to green up around here in Black Forest. I'll have to see what else I can divide.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Ginny, I'll put your name on the Lamium and one of the Agastaches. You've been to one of the swaps, so you know my plants are small starts! (The Agastaches and Hollyhocks are seedlings I've put into pots!)

If you have pictures, that's great, but you don't need to. I just start the "picture" thread so anyone who wants to can post pictures without slowing the main swap thread down. When you figure out what you'll have, come post a list. I'm curious! Which of the thymes do you have?

While Im here, Ill post one more picture. I was out today collecting seed, and I finally got quite a bit of the white Cyclamen seed, Cyclamen hederifolium. Since few people ever seem to look at them, I probably wont bring a whole bunch of seed this timebut I will bring seed for anybody who wants some! Ill post a complete list later, but while Im thinking about it now, heres a picture of the Cyclamen.
From Garden - Summer 2008

This one is summer dormant! It gets the flowers sometime in September, quickly followed by the leaves which remain thruout the winter.
Cyclamen hederifolium, Hardy cyclamen, 6" X 10", Part to full shade, white, Sep-Oct, z5

Ive never grown it from seed, but the Tom Clothier site says: Sow at 64ºF in light, germination slow. Some day I may have a few small plants to bring to a swap, but its still too small to divide at this point.

If anybody wants some seed to give it a try, let me know!


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I would like to have one of the Peachleaf Campanula and Ajuga reptans Chocolate Chip please.

I'm not sure yet what I'll have to bring but I'll find something!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

You're down on the list for one of each, Bean!

See you at the swap,

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Skybird! I would love an Ajuga black scallop and an Agastache, please and thank you.

Oh, I feel like baking little scented cakes with that Agastache!

But, what I really want the most, if you have any to split up again, is the Geranium dalmaticum Compact Rose, Dwarf Cranesbill. Sigh, I killed mine not long after the spring swap. I must have put it in the ground too soon and it wilted immediately away to nothing. So sad!

And, what I have to offer is:

Campanula punctata, cherry bells, maybe 2 or 3, I believe they spread with little startlettes by way of underground runners(?) that can be dug up and replanted or put in pots for the next swap. Mine is up to 26" high but maybe it gets higher down the mountain? This photo was taken July 26 last year and this year it is about six inches higher

2 pinepple mints, I don't have a pic of them but the smell is sweet and very pineapply and the foliage is grass green with random blotches of palest yellow, like piebald instead of variegated. Not sure how big it gets, it is about 6 inches wide and ten inches high.

I have 4 hen and chicks, Sempervivum, unknown species but they are the bright green ones in the picture and they already have babies:

I have 5 Nepeta x Faassenii six hills giant. Mine are huge, maybe 3'x3'. I guess I did not take a photo of them before digging them up and they kind of look ragged now, so here is a link to a google image search:

I could also take some cuttings of the other catmint which I think is Walker's low. It was supposed to be six hills giant but is NOTHING like the other two I bought. I'll take a photo of it tomorrow and post it when I post again because I know I will want more things as others post them here :)

I think that is all, but we shall see. I will forage around in the yard this weekend and see what else I can share.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I have you down for one of each, Jennifer -- but -- girl, you need to figure out how to post smaller pictures so we don't need to scroll back and forth to read the text!

Oh! And I think I'd like one of those viney things you have growing up the wire fence right next to the house! ;-)

And---she said, after scrolling back and forth---I should easily be able to get you a 'Compact Rose' Geranium! The things I brought to the Spring Swap hadn't been in the pots long enough to really root out, so I wonder how many other people planted them in the ground too soon and lost them. (Want a 'Biokovo" too?)


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catladysgarden(z5 CO)

I would love to have a piece of the Acanthus and the Campanula.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I have you down for one of each, Karen.

I just noticed that I haven't mentioned anywhere that the Acanthus is tap rooted so it needs to be planted where it will stay! And after a few years it will be BIG! The foliage on mine is now about 3' wide! So plan ahead! Mine is right in the front of the bed because I wanted it to be seen, but some of the things I have planted close to it are now being covered up and need to be moved. It's not at all xeric (is usually sold as a shade perennial--mine's in sun!), but if you keep it pretty well watered, the foliage will look good all summer. And as shown in the picture above, the flower heads are great for winter interest--unless they get knocked down by heavy snow.

I only had one 'Pink Pewter' Lamium, and it's spoken for, but I still have 2 or more of everything else.


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Thanks, Skybird!

Yes, please, I'd love a Biokovo. Is it the white one or the deeper pink one? doesn't matter as I don't have that yet.

Oh, no, no, no, the vining thing is the bindweed! I pull it out constantly but that one corner grows so fast and looks so pretty wrapped around the wire fence that I don't pull it till it threatens me with blooms. :(

Yeah, I'm not techy enough to figure out the photo thing yet! I'll have to ask Darren if he knows how.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

'Biokovo' is very pale pink. I'll hold my nose and pot up a start for you! Geranium cantabrigiense 'Cambridge' is a bright pink one, but I don't have that one. Be careful where you put 'Biokovo', it'll spread all over the place.

So are you saying I DON'T want a start of that "viney" thing???


P.S. Leaving on a 4-day tomorrow, so I'll be incommunicado for a few days!

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I would love a Acanthus hungaricus if there are any left. I tried to do the math and couldn't...



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I would love some hollyhock seedlings, starts of the sempervivums, and some pineapple mint cuttings, if that's possible.

I mostly have houseplant-ish things -- Euphorbia trigona, common coleus, common geraniums, and things like that. But I am certainly willing to share cuttings!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Ok, here are some more of the things Ill have at the swap!

This first pic is a multi purpose one! The 5 plants in the pic are listed below!
From Gardening

Top left: 3 - Sempervivum "E"

Top right: 3 - Sempervivum Icicle

Lower right: 4 - Sedum Tricolor
Sedum spurium Tricolor, 4" X12"+, Full sun, pale pink, Jun-Jul, z4
Evergreen, xeric, remove any new growth that has reverted back to plain green. Pink, white and green foliage in summer, mostly pink in winter.

Left side, in bloom: 6 - Delosperma White Nugget
Delosperma basuticum White Nugget Iceplant, 2" X 12"+, Full sun, White, May-Jun, z4
Sparkling white flowers. Evergreen, xeric, patented. Spreads more slowly than many other iceplants.

Top center: 4 - Delosperma, Mesa Verde Iceplant
Delosperma Kelaidis Mesa Verde Ice Plant, 3" X 18"+, Full sun, salmon-pink, May-Aug, z4
Evergreen, xeric, PlantSelect 2002

Heres a pic of the Mesa Verde blooming! And theres another pic of the Icicle Semps in the top right corner!)
From Gardening

4 - Sedum pachyclados
Sedum pachyclados, 4" X 12"+, Full sun, white, July, z4
Evergreen, xeric, if stems get too bare looking, cut all the way down and wait for new growth.
From Gardening

Sempervivum, Hen & chicks.
Sempervivum - variety name unknown, sizes vary widely, Full to part sun, z3
Individual hens bloom sometimes, flowers range from white to pink to green, individual rosette dies after blooming, evergreen, xeric, winter color is often dramatically different from summer color
Please check your list of the ones youve gotten from me before and request ones you havent gotten before so I can spread the different varieties around to different people! As many of you know, I dont know the variety names for most of these, so Ive assigned letters to each to identify them. If you get some, please keep track of the "names" of the ones you get so you can ask for different ones each time as I have more available.

4 - K blue spruce color
From Garden - 2009 thru June

3 - C the red one in the center. It gets very large!
4 - I the yellow-green one on the right
From Garden - 2009 thru June

3 - G
From Garden - 2009 thru June

Remember, the pictures are of them in their winter colors! When you see them in the pots, theyre all gonna look green and the same!

4 or 5 - Angelica - species unknown, I got it at the very first Spring Swap - but its the herb form! (Its probably A. archangelica)
Im not sure what its used for, but for those of you that are into herbs, maybe youd like one! Queen Anne type flowers are very prettybut I think they stinkand it was right by my deck, so I dug it out! Actually, I tried to kill it with Roundup, but it was coming back, and I discovered 5 small plants that didnt have tap roots yet that I could stick in pots! It gets about 5' tall, and if you have a place thats not near a window or deck, it could be very nice! Tap rootedplant it where its gonna stay! Blooms early/mid summer. Not at all xeric!
Its the tall white one on the left!
From Garden - 2009 thru June

And I have 6 small variegated spider plants Ive potted up! These are the ones with the green center and the white margins! Strictly house plants, tho will do fine outside in summer if gradually acclimated to direct sun (and with a lot of water!)

Does anybody else have any idea yet what theyre gonna bring? You dont need to have pictures of them! Just post the names! Id love to see if theres anything I want to get dibs on!

Just two more weeks till the swap,

P.S. Private note to Jennifer! Did you get either of the two emails I sent you within the last month? Maybe they went into your spam box like that other one did! If you didn't get either, let me know so I can resend!

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polygonum tinctorum,

I can bring you some sempervivums and pineapple mint!

I'd love a start of the common coleus or, if the geraniums (I'm assuming they are pelargonium) are white, I'd love a start of one!



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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Just did a couple more!

4 - Blue Spruce sedum
Sedum reflexum Blue Spruce, 5" X 12"+, Full sun, yellow, July, z3
Evergreen, xeric
From Garden - 2009 thru June

4 - Sedum Angelina
Sedum Angelina, 5" X 10"+, Full sun, yellow, Jun-Jul, z3
Evergreen, xeric, patented, drapes nicely in a full sun hanging basket, over rocks, or over a wall
From Garden - 2009 thru June

(If anybodys interested, the little green thing on the front edge of the Angelina is one of those Acanthus seedlings I always seem to have coming up all over the place. Its nowhere near the main plant!)

Ill be back!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Polygonum, I'll save you one of each of the 2 or 3 semps you didn't get from me last year, and one of the hollyhocks.

What color are the geraniums you have? Depending on the color, I might be interested in some cuttings. I could always stick them in water while I'm on vacation and pot them up when I get back.


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catladysgarden(z5 CO)

I will have some nice daylilies, as usual. Some are named and others will be a surprise. I potted up some Campanula 'Pink Octopus' and also have some Hollyhocks.

If you plan to attend the swap and haven't sent me your email address, please do so. I will send my address and directions to the house about a week ahead.


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Hi Karen,
Would you be so kind to save a Pink Octopus for me?
Thank you,

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Donna/Everbloom. Glad you'll be able to come to the swap this year! I'm copying the things you said on the swap thread you could bring over to this thread to try to keep the lists of things people are bringing all on the same thread. And don't worry about the Latin names! If anybody has any questions, they can ask!

I'd like a start of the Northern Sea Oats please, and what color are the anemones you have? I think I'd like one of those too! (do you know the name of the variety or varieties you have?)

Everybody: Here's Donna's list of stuff!

I can bring a number of plants. I'm not too swift with the latin names but here's what I'll probably have:
several voodoo lilies
chinese lanterns
campanula, cherry bells
campanula, beautiful trust (white, like the pink octupus)
japanese anemone
lamium (pink flower with varigated leaves)
northern sea oat grass

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Last year I had a bunch of dried lavender clippings that I was gonna put on the compost pile--and then I decided to post it on the swap thread! It turned out to be the most popular thing I brought!

Does anybody want any lavender clippings this year? I just got back from a trip and I'm too tired to do anything complicated, so I'm sitting outside cutting down my lavender! This is the stuff with dead flowers, so what you'd get would be the stems with the foliage on them. But this year they're still green, so even by the day of the swap, they should still be flexible enough that you could tie them together into little sachet bouquets, or you could dry them completely and crumble it to make potpourri. Or whatever!!!

Are there any takers this year?


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Yes!! I'd love more dried lavender! I used it last year to make Christmas sachets for the ladies at work and the smell was a delight.

Donna, I'd love a Campanula beautiful trust.

Karen, I really enjoy the day lilies and will bring a few home. I have had three bloom this year and am missing one bloom while I am on holiday. So pretty!

Please and thank you :)


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