Is it too late to fertilize?

robin44444August 4, 2013

Hi, everyone. We're in the Wet Mountain foothills, elevation 6100 feet. I've gotten about half of my perennials fertilized. Is it too late to do the rest and give the ones I've already fertilized a second dose? They all had such a hard time this year with the drought we're having. All are on an irrigation system. Temp is in the 80-90's now. Thanks for any advice you can give. I'll be using a hose-end foliar fertilizer.

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Oh, I think that would be fine.

I don't know when you'd expect a first frost but if you can get out about 8 weeks, I'm all for fertilizing. At 4 weeks, you may run into some unnecessary frost damage.

Now, those more experienced with perennials can comment.


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Maybe just a note to add - our rocky mt soils are **generally** pretty complete in nutrients, usually lacking iron due to high pH, and nitrogen, which leaches out or gets absorbed by the plants.

Perennials can 'over-react' to excessive fertilization and get huge - as an example, I put down a 4-5" layer of home made compost this spring on my front flowerbeds, and I now have asters and salvia that are twice the size as usual, falling over, more green than flower.

So once they're established, take it easy.

I fertilized my leeks yesterday. They're behind for this time of season.

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Hmmm. Thank you both. Maybe I'll just hang it up for the season. Everyone's looking good as it is.

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