Wanted - a trade for couple different kinds of cuttings

ravenwv(6)May 13, 2008

I am, for the first time, ready to face my fear of roses and attempt to grow them ...

Keeping in mind I know NOTHING about roses, but have read quite a bit of the forums lately, I have made of list of roses I would like to try...

Now if some of these roses are "rare and/or extinct", please don't laugh at me too hard!

Anyway, I would like to see if I could find cuttings of the following roses to plant along about 200 foot of chain link fence...or, if you know of another kind that I didn't find, please let me know...

Please check my trade list to see if there is anything I could trade you for

Thanks for your time!



Mdm Isaac Pereire

Baltimore Belle

Sombreuil Rose

Bubble Bath

The McCartney Rose

Madame Alfred Carrière

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Hi there, Raven!

I looked at your trade list and I guess there are a few things that I would trade for.

I would like to suggest some other roses to you for your fence project, though. Climbing American Beauty is a rampant, leafy once bloomer that looks like a ball gown at it's peak. Also, American Pillar is a great rambler that has persistant foliage and hips in the fall. It is really a joyous rose to behold. Both root very easily from cuttings.

You also might want to look at Fortune's Double Yellow, Darlow's Enigma..and other hybrid musks like skyrocket, penelope, buff beauty (One of my faves).

Anyhow, check out my list...

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