Have Carnation and Crepescule to trade for Chinas or Teas

naplesgardenerMay 28, 2008

I have a few rooted cuttings of Carnation. It's a Bermuda rose (Zone 7-9). Deep pink and frilly,medium fragrance.

Crepescule is just beginning to root (ready in about 3-4 weeks). It's a noisette, will be a BIG plant, apricot flowers. Zone 7-9.Light fragrance.

I'm looking for rooted OGR fragrant (important) Chinas or Teas in colors other than white.

I like smaller rose plants due to my small yard so no monsters (i.e. noisettes) need apply. :-)

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Whoops I posted this in the wrong place. I reposted to Exchanges.

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I would like a crepuscule, if you still have it.

I have climbing cramoisi superieur(china), climbing american beauty(lfc), american pillar (rambler), don juan (lfc), buff beauty(hybrid musk), golden showers (lfc), Monsieur Tillier (tea), Clementina Carbonieri (tea), swamp rose (species), Secret Garden Musk (hybrid musk), Antike 89 (Kordes climber) and some hybrid teas that I wouldn't bother with unless you really like tropicana and Mr. Lincoln.

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