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digit(ID/WA)August 3, 2014

This place must be just like Alabama:

The dark green cucumbers are Talladega. I assume they are named for the community in Alabama. This is the second year for Talladega and I'm very pleased with them. They have done just super well and I replaced the Turbo with them that I have grown for about 10 years.

The lemon cukes didn't miss a beat this year. On a bad year ... change that ... after a bad spring, I have had to wait as late as September for the set-back vines to produce.

Two Munchers are in the near corner. They are Beit Alpha cukes and might be my favorite but I haven't eaten one in about 8 months! I haven't thought of Muncher as "late" but they are certainly later than Talladega.


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These are Passport melons from an earlier year. I will have lots of Passport melons here in a few weeks!!

They are Galia melons and those are from Israel, however, the University of New Hampshire is the place where Passport were developed. I've grown quite a few varieties developed at UNH and been quite happy with how well they do. I think that if they did well in New Hampshire, they are likely to successful in my garden.

Do you have veggie varieties from "elsewhere" that do well for you? (There are a lot of "elsewheres" out there ;o).

Edit: oops! That picture was of Charentais melons but I've got the right ones there now. Where was my head?!

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Here are some of this year's Passport melons:

And, this year's Charentais melons ... the 3rd or 4th try to replace Burpee's discontinued Honey Girl melon! They are a bit behind the Passports by their looks and only one fruit per vine. They are Alvaro Charentais from Fedco:

Melons will sometimes die in my garden during our too cool springs. Honey Girl would survive 4 seasons out of 5, I think it was.

Here is Blacktail Mountain watermelon:

Yeah, there in the green circle, my only fruit on 9 plants! Think it will ripen?? I am so disappointed in these!

Sugar Baby watermelon will sometimes do okay. First season I bought Blacktail Mountain seed, not a single one germinated in the greenhouse. That experience is ridiculous in itself!

I can almost see Blacktail Mountain. The person who bred this variety lived in northern Idaho during those years. Well, there's a Blacktail Mountain near Pend Oreille Lake. I mean, it isn't 40 miles from my garden, as the crow flies.


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This looks like what I expected ... (well, hoped for ;o).

This is La Madera, a winter squash from an Indian community in northern New Mexico. I mentioned it in January on RMG. There is also a plant with white fruit!

Anyway, it looks so mature already, and the picture is from a week ago! I'm beginning to feel very confident that these will be properly mature and I can expect a longer storage life than what many winter squash afford me ...


Here is a link that might be useful: Tue, Jan 21, 14 at 22:56 on RMG

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

That squash is a beauty! I remember you talking about it over the winter. Ooooo! Like!

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Full slip, vine-ripened Passport Galia melons! Largest ones are just over 3#.


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