Wanted: Spotted Roses

fara_sMay 9, 2007

Hi, all,

Anyone have spotted roses they're willing to trade for (or sell cuttings of?) I'm on a quest to obtain at least one plant of every spotted, speckled or marbled rose I can find. So far I have:

Cramoisi Picotee

"Fa's Marbled Moss" (and twelve offspring which have not yet bloomed)

"Fa's Morning Stars"


Ma Ponctuee


Rosa arkansana

Song of the Stars

Others I know about are listed below. If anyone has cuttings/suckers of any of these, or any other spotted roses, I would be happy to trade for cuttings (or suckers where available) of any of the non-patented roses on my website (http://shimbopottery.com/roses)

Please help me have too many roses!

A Feuilles Marbrees

A Feuilles et Fleurs Marbrees

Alain Blanchard

Baronne Prevost Marbree

Belle Herminie Punctata (Coquerel)

Belle Herminie Pontuee (Vibert)

Cramoisi Ponctue


Duc de Choiseul Ponctue


Gaillarde Marbree/Noire Couronnee

Hortense Beauharnais/Rose vif ponctuee


La Plus Belle des Ponctuees

Marbree d'Enghien

Marbree Semi-Double (Moss)

Papa Vibert

Pourpre Marbree/Arlequin/Bizarre Changeant

Ponctue (H. perp.)

Ponctuee (Bourbon)

Ponctuee (Moss from Laffay)

Ponctuee Semi-Double

Provins Marbree

Rouge Marbree

Soleil Brilliant


Uniforme Marbree

Violette Ponctue

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Where did yuo get this list from?

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Fara, you're counting stippling as spotted? Freckles isn't really "spotted" as much as it is stippled. There are about thirteen stippled Buck roses. I only grow Sevilliana out of all the stippled ones now because it's the more fertile and has the greatest stippling. Prairie Lass is stippled, but also very heavily veined in darker pink. You're welcome to cuttings or bud wood of either (or both) if you'd like them. Kim

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