Rose Topiary Tree: What type of rose to use?

shelley_t(z5 IL)May 20, 2009

I want to make my own rose topiary. Hopefully, I don't have to graft anything... I was thinking I could prune out side shoots to one central leader on a bush type rose like knockout... but now I wonder if they use climbers. Does anyone know?

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I have a Belinda's Dream rose tree. I know that it isn't a climber. It's quite beautiful. But I haven't a clue how they are done.

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donnaz5(Z5 NY)

I posted on this a couple of years ago, and found out a couple of things. First..if your roses die down to the ground, or snow level each year, then it won't work, because you'd be starting from the ground each year. Second..there was a suggestion about building a container type thing to put around the rose every winter and fill with leaves to insulate it,then it **might** live...
having said that, and being in zone 5 also, if I were to try it, I would probably try it with a rugosa, as they are the most cane hardy around here..
there is a rose tree that can be planted directly in the ground and will live..i can't remember it's name..perhaps if you post on the roses forum someone might know. if i remember correctly, it was a single, but i'm not sure..good luck...donna

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It is a single, and very beautiful. Mine is covered with blooms at the moment. It's called "Polar Joy" and was developed by Bailey's nursery here in Minnesota.

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