Anemone Is Rooting Everywhere!

jrmankinsMay 16, 2007

My Anemone species hybrid in its second year is rooting everywhere it touches the ground. It is a beautiful plant with once-blooming single pink flowers with pretty gold stamens, sometimes called the Pink Cherokee rose. I have been potting up the rooted starts and have them to share.

It needs room if it is going to spread like that, very thorny and would make a pretty good hedge I think. Mine is growing on a fence, and so was its mother, and it makes a nice showing used that way. But I am going to have to keep after mine with the clippers to keep it in my small yard.


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I would love to have one of your Anemones. Not sure if I have anything you would like to trade for though. Please email me and let me know.

Thanking you in advance

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I would love one also. Please let me know if I have anything you'd like to trade.


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Sorry I took so long to check back. I got sick and am just now getting back online.

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Also had a hotmail account that didn't let any gardenweb messages thru the spam/junk mail filters. I have changed accounts, to Hope that will work better. Just a luddite, really, and not too good at machines!

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