found rose hips: stratify?

donaldvancouver(cool wet z8)May 11, 2012

Hello. I just discovered a couple of hips that have overwintered on my beautiful rustled mystery rose (I suspect it's Easy Going).

Cracked them open and now have about 30 plump-looking seeds. These have been through a wet Zone 8 winter on the plant. Do I need to stratify?

All suggestions welcome.

I am new to propagating roses and have been learning a lot from you all by reading these posts.

Thanks very much


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seil zone 6b MI

I wouldn't hurt them to stratify them. I sometimes will take mine in and out of the fridge several times and that will sometimes jump start them to germinate.

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use google search: type in
rose germination Henry Kuska
he is an Ohio retired university professor, and he has discovered all of the secrets, which he will reveal to you, free of charge - his work is on the internet, and I used those methods back in 2002 to germinate about 100 rosa rugosa seeds.

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