Smoked Bhut Jolokia

bberkmor(6a)October 6, 2012

Hey I got these smoked dried bhut jolokia from the patent magic plant company as a sorry for giving you the wrong seeds(ended up with peppers other than bhut jolokia) First thing I can say is they have a very good smoke flavour and probably one of the best peppers i've ever tasted. The down side is I was hoping for melt my face off hot and didn't get that. Do you guys have any experience with smoked/dried chili's not being as hot as fresh? Thanks to Ottawapepper I am going to "actually" grow some in 2013 as well as some butchT's and try some fresh just wondering what to expect. Sorry Im new to this, I am just used to grocery store habs and scotch bonnets as this was my first year growing. I gave about half away at work and I am getting mixed responses on how hot people find them(some almost die some don't :P). Thanks In advance for any responses.

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bberkmor: If you can eat Habs and Scotch bonnets you probably have a fairly high tollerance to peppers but unless you have some genes that guard against hot peppers, you would be able to tell the difference between them and a bhut. Dried or otherwise, it should have "melted your face off". As for taste, forget about it. You get 3 seconds of taste before the fire burns your taste buds off.
I am sorry to hear that you didn't get the seed you paid for. Glad Ottawa helped you out with new seed. Good luck next year and I hope you feel the burn.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

I don't find that to be the case with BJs. The burn comes on relatively slowly compared to e.g. habs or fatalii. I get a good 5 seconds before the warning alarms go off, and 10 seconds before the hiccuping and weeping. :=[Actually, the time I pulled out of the air, but it is significantly longer, as well as melting a different part of my poor tongue.]

Those smoked BJs look yummy.

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It definetly takes a bit of time for the heat to kick in. The flavour of the smoke is awsome, the smokey hot smell is strong and goes through 3 ziplock bags :). Which is a good thing because I love smoked food. They look like legit bhuts to me but I have a feeling there is something up because they don't burn as much as they should. I guess if got wrong seeds from the company its possible i got some dud bhuts.

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With all due respect to DMForcier, we all have different taste buds, I get the heat a lot sooner.

In fact, I find drying pods intensifies the heat. In my mind, strictly from "my" experience, if you didn't go OH CRAP!!! 2-3 seconds after tasting then; (a) your taste buds are numb; (b) you've developed a tolerance to Capsicum; (c) you're dead and just don't know it yet or (d) you're not tasting a dried Bhut.

Just "my" humble opinion,


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That's what I thought bill, everywhere I have read online says drying makes them taste hotter because there is less moisture, I have a good tolerance with hot peppers but not 1000000 shu good, definitely something wrong with what they are vs what they are supposed to be. I'm sure once I grow from the seeds you gave me I will get to finally get to experience true heat. :)

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Perhaps it is tolerance/burnt out taste buds, but my experience with Bhuts matches DMForcier's... it's a slowly building heat.

Not to say it isn't a kick in the teeth right away, but the intensity grows quite a bit in the first thirty seconds.

Could be the brain simply refuses to process pain that comes on too quickly.

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LOL mbellot, absolutly it's a tolerance thing. I, like most people I think, have not made the effort to develop my tolerance. I'm a wimp and like to enjoy in moderation without inflicting too much pain on myself. I'm getting old and more keenly aware of my mortality as time passes ;-)

You and DMForcier have my respect!

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Pain reminds you that you are alive.

Though, to be fair, it sometimes leads one to wonder why...

Fwiw, I made some spaghetti last night (2 servings) with a basic tomato sauce, 1 cubanelle, 1 nice fat serrano, and 3 almost ripe fataliis, plus herbs. Last night it had a nice warm background. (For lunch today it was pretty durn hot.) Draw your own conclusions. But know that I don't munch super-hots on a daily basis. And, when I do, I take small bites.

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I think smoking peppers does take a little of the heat out of it . When I eat a fresh superhot my throat and mouth usually let me know. Dried / smoked pods take on a totally different taste and burn. Much less and more enjoyabale. Dried superhots do not effect me the next day like fresh as well. I eat super hot powder everyday though so I have built up a small tolerance:)


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Small tolerance......yeah and Big Ben is just a little clock!

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Just ate another one 3 mins ago... got a more solid burn going this time :) and it was a little one

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